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The Ethiopian Big Bang and the Formation of it’s Clusters

The Ethiopian Big Bang and the Formation of it’s Clusters

The beginning of the universe as we know it started some 13.7 billion years ago in a cosmic phenomena called big bang—a very infinitely dense matter that was intact and infinitely small with almost zero volume in space existence exploded for reasons no one still know and creates all clusters, mega clusters, galaxies, planets etc that we see through our naked eyes and though sophisticated telescopes from the heaven in the dark skies. The creations of clusters, mega clusters and galaxies including our planet and milky way took billions of years to be what they are now. After the explosion happened, everything takes its own course following and obeying some universal physical or mathematical laws and on the process, attractions of gravity gathers nearby runaway matters and galaxies towards each other to form groups, clusters and mega clusters. The universe ( in some cases multi or parallel universes ) is proposed to expand in a faster pace than people originally thought, and making clusters more closer but creating more wider space in between. There is no any force or phenomena which is in sight or in human’s imagination that reverses the whole process and brings back the original dense matter to existence, emptying the vast and infinitely expanse space in to empty. The only time this will happen logically is when there will be a big collapse- a cosmic process which is the opposite of big bang, in which the total sum of energy of the universe is becoming zero and everything in it collapses to a point and the universe we know comes to an end.

The Ethiopian big bang started 21 years ago with the coming of EPLF, TPLF and OLF to political power through the barrels of guns and right from their beginning determined to dismember and dissemble the cohesive and strongly united Ethiopian society in to clusters and forced them to form their own orbits leaving what they called a non existence Ethiopian political polity, although Ethiopia existed not only then, 21 years ago but for centuries , which by the way will continue to exist for eternity as long as the human society lives on earth. Their very initial step taken was to cut Ethiopia in two parts, proper Ethiopia and one of its provinces Eritrea to become another country, for childish, erratic, naive and uneducated village reasons, where even the person who occupies the political power of that part of Ethiopia does not believe in the very reasons they fought for in the first place and making that part of the country a living hell for the people who reside there (Eritrea). TPLF further divided and partitioned what is left of the country in to ethnic enclaves and ordered those enclaves to spin their own programs leaving any program that is Ethiopian - they preached to the new ethnic enclaves that being Ethiopian is secondary but first they have to be their ethnicity and do the business of only their ethnicity, and ordered all Ethiopians to identify and declare an ethnic group they have to identify with and write it on their identification cards, although Ethiopians are multi ethnic people who intermarried, intermingled and lived together during good and bad times for centuries.

The sinister motives and political programs they prescribed to the would be clusters or enclaves are, to do, facilitate and spin programs that promote only their own cause, not Ethiopian - they have to sing their own song, not Ethiopian, dream their own growth and future not, Ethiopian, basically forcing the country Ethiopia to disappear by cutting down all fabrics and veins of cohesion and unity and form African union within Ethiopia. After all these things took place for many years, the formation of clusters are visible from some enclaves and expected to become distinctive and self identifying clusters in which over time, the central government will not have control over and the plan of the Ethiopian big bang is on the way to be self evident.

Concerned Ethiophiles and Ethiopians across the globe observe blue prints and signs of formations of clusters in places where different people from different ethnic groups forced to live together for a seemingly common purpose of learning and acquiring knowledge for the good of the society’s future – places like colleges and university campuses. We witnessed repeatedly ethnic based clashes among students where reasonable and learnt citizens of the society should be for further learning, seek knowledge and attain higher order reasoning and thinking to solve problems of the country, but instead they become places of affirming cluster formations, dismemberment and moving further away from the Ethiopian polity. From the physics of nature, the divisive apartheid politics they practice day in day out and year from year, reinforced by TPLF and the social dynamics that take place, these cluster formations and conflicts are natural, non preventable, progressive results and outcomes of a designed policy and will recur always until the clusters formed stop living together. Another tell tell signs of the strengthening of cluster formations is the expulsions of people with impunity who allegedly are from Amhara ethnicity but residing in another ethnic group’s place including monasteries – excruciating and heart breaking to watch that is happening to Ethiopians who defended and protected that land by their bones and blood, but expelled from that very land by people who take the command of TPLF and work hard in the actualization of the Ethiopian big bang.

The TPLF rulers promote the policy of separation, dissociation and force people to see only one thing – their ethnicity – the very natural reason and force that create separate clusters of the society, but force them at the same time to do another - to look behaving Ethiopian. Such beliefs of absurdity in which TPLF led rulers and its blind, subconscious wealth and fortune beneficiaries reason to support the wrong principles prescribed to Ethiopia is a type of nonsense argument that is a result of a flowed and faulty thinking process of a lower order. Their argument is paradoxical and falls in a category called Moore’s paradox of putative absurdity: In simple terms it looks like: “the door is closed but I don’t want to believe that it is closed or want to believe it is not closed” or “ the person is dead but I want to believe that the person is not dead” – only laymen or people of substandard thinking validate such arguments.

Therefore, before it is too late to see the Ethiopia that is well known from antiquity to verses of the Bible, the mouth of Mohammed and Quran to contemporary world, that contributes so much to world affairs in creating a livable and harmonious world to all its citizens, in being the first founding member of the league of nations and the front runner and founding member of the organization of African union, provided land for the creation of head quarter of OAU and who fought to the realizations of decolonization of African countries to become independent from the yolk of colonialism, all concerned Ethiopians and Ethiophiles should think, take notice and actions to reverse the course TPLF is taking the country – to a non reversible Ethiopian big bang.

The world knows, Ethiopians are reach in diverse cultures of beauty and harmony and they sing their diverse cultures together for centuries by knowing all cultures as their own. Mixes of words of our languages, customs, exotic foods, cultural and traditional ceremonies of happiness and sorrow display that beautiful intermingled but diversified cultural harmony. In the contrary, the cultural shows promoted in the country by TPLF now is an imitation of shows that are performed to display the diversity of Africa in African union in which a country has no business and purpose to show and perform the culture of another country, but Ethiopians are not people of African union, but a singular people of one country with one anthem to sing – ETHIOPIA AND ETHIOPIANS TOGETHER FOR ALL TIME !

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