Friday, January 28, 2011

Sign and Demand of the Time

A leader has to be a person amongst the people not somebody who is outside of them, who has a better vision to the future as to where the society has to be, understanding, analyzing common problems of today  and deliver solutions in an optimal time and provide such a consistent but progressive leadership. He/she leads the people by providing convincing methods and delivering solutions to problems to the lives of individuals.

No legal citizen should live in pain and die for a survival of an illegal leader but instead a leader has to live in pain and die for the survival of a legal individual citizen. The leader creates conditions so that the people get conditions/or resources of life, happiness and freedom in minimal obstacles of government by providing effective leadership on all levels of government structures . In order these things to be implemented, there has to be a common space of understanding and trust between the people and the leaders. The people should give time to elected leaders as to when and how they have to come up with solutions to the common social and political problems that they have promised to do so. But at the same time leaders have to know that life is short and ephemeral and solutions they promised have to be delivered on time.  If that does not happen, then they have to give a path way and in fact invite and solicit the people to elect other new leaders who are capable of understanding the scope and magnitude of the problems and promise to address the issues in a better and short time frame. After all governments are highest forms of social gatherings or structures of a particular society, established to take care of common welfares of the people and therefore cannot behave as an outside power but appended to the people from above for all time.

The protests that are happening in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and who knows it may expand, are clear indicators of society running out of patience in living and carrying problems indefinitely, where society expresses outcry in multitudes to the extent of willing to die, and governments should be willing to leave office by arranging conditions so that problems be addressed. These kinds of problems—problems of appetite for hanging on power for life time are common in what are called developing or underdeveloped  countries where leaders take counties as their real estates and the society as employees in their firms -- while it is non-existent in developed countries.
It is therefore the sign and demand of the time that leaders of all countries irrespective of under-developed or developing, should be willing to do exactly what the developed world leaders do—leave office when people demand and cry of their ineffectiveness. Leave office when problems remain unsolved on time and beyond.
It is only when this happens that the old style of removing governments by guns will stop and a modern and civilized political life begins which is a building block of stability, growth and social development.