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Dancing Mathematical Images by Dejenie A. Lakew

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By Dejenie A. Lakew (Ph.D.)

Dear readers, Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia, first, I wish you a :


At this time I write pieces of modules of ideas that may or may not be in sequence but worth reading them. The theme of my set of modules of ideas is on how to create a political structure that will be a culture to all its citizens and therefore be stable in Ethiopia.
Stability, both a spatial and temporal behavior of a dynamical system is predictable and observable as well. It is one of the most important properties of any dynamical system and therefore of a political system in particular. The points that cause the system to lose stability are called singularity points of that system. At or around such singularity points the system gets disturbed and behaves erratic and creates a behavior that may create havoc to the system not to behave and function properly for longer time or the disturbance is small and therefore the temporary misbehaving stabilizes gradually in time without creating a noticeable pick of erratic behavior. In political structures, such points for instance are: unfairness in judgment, favoritism on distribution and allocation of resources, abuse of power, campaigning against particular ethnic groups, public irritations against politicians because of staying in power indefinitely, corruption, existence of people in power who lack knowledge, wisdom and virtue to give a timely and civilized leadership to citizens that parallels to contemporary societies, etc. . All these cause a society to bleed, cry, misbehave and force them not to function to their full potentials and full capacity, and keep the society behind from the rest of the world, and therefore are singularity points of that political structure. Surprisingly, such singularity points are prevalent in multiplicities across contemporary political structure of Ethiopia.
A continuous and indefinite existence of political leaders who are unwise, untimely and unwanted by the society they allegedly represent. It is not their lack of wisdom and knowledge what creates problems, but their indefinite occupation of political power and thereby the continuous damage they cause because of their unwise and uneducated decisions they make on behalf of the office they hold. Therefore to avoid such pitfalls, it is imperative to impose a constitutional term limit for elected leaders with no more than two terms. No elected leader should change a constitution in order stay in office for more than the tenure time allowed. Political systems are more stable, beneficial and progressive when they are cultures that are independent of individuals in office. Stable political systems and power houses should be like well designed and strongly built highways of varying slopes and twists and bridges of huge carrying capacities with high swing and elasticity constants, so that all types of vehicles can pass through them, either weak or strong, light or heavy, old or new. Political power houses should be places where leaders will come and leave after they provide their responsibility given to them by the people in a fixed time frame—term of tenure. Those who performed bad during their term leave office faster and be replaced by a new one by the people, without changing the political structure. Those who did well should also leave office on time before they develop common pitfalls of politicians appetite to power, corruption and as a result, gradual developments of public irritations and dislike towards them, which lead to social, economic and political paralysis, stagnation and backwardness and ultimately to dictatorships.
Stable political structures sustain themselves in times of weak leaders, but strengthened more when there come strong and visionary leaders. Countries who embrace western democracies benefit from such stable political systems and be able to grow faster and stronger than countries who languishes with one leader and one political ideology for several decades which amounts to ownership of a real estate than be leaders of countries.
Forming political parties that share power in the central government with programs designed on ideas that will deliver political solutions to all peoples of Ethiopia, not to a particular ethnic group or groups. Think of a political party as an umbrella of protection and representation to the central government for a certain constituency. A constituency is a totality of all individuals who reside in that particular district and therefore that political party or umbrella should embrace and provide political service to all individuals who live in that district. The umbrella cannot and should not discriminate who has to get shelter when individuals from different or mixed ethnicities who live in that area need shelter. There is no place or district in which a single ethnic group lives by itself and therefore establishes a political party that will represent and give a political protection to one ethnic group alone in Ethiopia. Political parties should therefore be parties of ideas and not of tribes and ethnicities. Tribal and ethnic political shelters were typical social structures that were common in the time before the advent of slavery, in which a tribe of one cannot be protected by other tribes unless the later is under subjugation and servitude with a lower status and therefore less protected and at times be attacked, when needed. Ethiopia and Ethiopians are way ahead of that period of social existence, centuries ago. They passed that stage like all other countries with grace and civility using traditional values of compromise, humanity and paving ways to coexistence for the greater good of their future and to generations to come. They lived intermingled, married and died together side by side defending their beloved mother land Ethiopia for centuries. These actions of theirs were not forced, and coerced by anyone for some temporal glory or benefit, but done by themselves with their courageous will bravery and heroic spirit—a clear display of actions of courage and wisdom of our grand ancestors on human dynamics of mobility, frictions and stability.
Therefore to trivialize, mock and nullify their expressions of true love and ultimate scarifies they have made to their country, and completely dismiss their acts of patriotism as wastage and servitude is totally nonsense, wrong, treasonous and in fact amounts to political treachery and deception of a highest order against Ethiopia, its centuries long existence, and to its patriotic peoples of all tribes. Individuals who learnt outdated medieval terms: nations, nationalities, colonization, independence, etc from a discarded and outdated dysfunctional source, should not be allowed to preach hate of a biblical proportion against others, and should be held accountable with crimes of treason and be labeled as anti-social, campaigners of ethnic hatred and wishers and whisperers of a genocide.
If one wants to play a game of intolerance and nonsense as supporters of OLF and other tribal leaders do, then the Amhara people have ample historical, scientific and archeological support to claim that they are actually the first inhabitants of the place what now the Oromo people occupy and live and should therefore force the Oromo people to leave. But for a person of reason and civility, the question therefore will be, where should it start to expel people, and who determines the time line? Above all, is this a reasonable and civilized idea from contemporary time line?
In fact, such ideas amount to imposing a very unseen type of pseudo-political and social phenomena on current Ethiopia, because of its past from some treacherous individuals who are only trained as real estate developers that have no an iota of what a country and its values are, and how countries of the world were formed. Such kinds of ideas and political maneuvers to punish the past and get a ransom of real estates out of an old and existing country are just unknown and prohibits the human spirit of exploration and discovery and is therefore a game of nonsense of a smallest order to say the least. It totally condemns, denigrates and paralyses the spirit of the human mind to think, imagine, explore by creating technologies to go beyond our galaxy and discover different galactic structures that may benefit mankind, because there might be beings living in places where man will be in the future, which according to these people’s argument will be a crime of a future. Such political thinking of extraordinaire little is not only nonsense but will make mankind prisoner of the future and forces man to behave like zombies of other species whose continuous existence is only from the will and mercy of nature with no a modern type of human existence, devoid of thinking, reasoning, imagination, search, research and discovery.
If all countries of the world today are forced to be what these treacherous pseudo-politicians, who deep in their hearts know what they are fighting is to get a piece of land for their future private living, then everything of the past including the establishments of America, Canada, Australia, Latin America, etc., were wrong and should be dissolved and the lands should be given back to the people who lived there centuries ago, and all others who came to these places from all over the world ( including perpetrators of these childish nonsense of Oromo nation) return back to where they have come from. These ideas are not only dangerously irritating to a level of a child reasoning and desire, but politically nonsense to contemporary world. The very simple reason is that going back has no end as far as human mobility is concerned. A tribe moved from place to place throughout history and there is no time frame that will give delimitation as to where measurement of time will start to give a right of ownership of a particular land to a particular tribe as it was theirs for all time. It will be a lifelong childish and banditry old style gamble to those who do not understand social developments and from where and how far we came to be where we are now.
No natural being expects and wishes all the time, big bang to happen again, but with different outcomes and different arrangements. Orientations are reversed and smaller structures be larger and larger ones be smaller. Those who were lighting should be lightless and those which are lightless have lights. Simply a desire to reverse what is now to the opposite. Such persons are either lack proper thinking —including understanding concepts of time and space, reasoning and purpose of things, or they are far, far behind contemporary societies in understanding the causality and purpose of things around them and beyond. Such ideas and thinking parallels either lunacy or psychological troubles of socio-political disorders and paralysis caused by the past socio-political establishments. It is true that a psychologically disturbed person does say and wants to impose what he/she thinks and demands out of the ordinary, but it is the other normal people who do diagnose the fallacy of his/her thinking and advise the individual to take medications or advice the individual to go to school and learn the basics of social developments as to when the human society came to exist on earth and what it took humankind to be where it is now. We mathematicians do not allow a new and alien individual, who has no any idea about numbers, their history, developments and how many giant established facts exist, come and tell us or impose on us to place the fraction half somewhere between 0 and 0.1 and tried to convince us that he/she is right by being lunatic and out of control by lack of reason or by intimidation and using weapons. We know right away that the person is not only a mathematician but even does not know what a number is, and we do not allow the man to deal with mathematics at all. Well, that is exactly what Ethiopia encountered politically for that last 20+ years from tribal politicians who uniformly gowned the masking terms, nations and nationalities and Amhara colonization, etc… just fascinating and unparalleled political theory of extraordinaire.
Fortunately, these are the symptoms Ethiopia and true children of Ethiopia diagnosed from these individuals who deny Ethiopia’s history and long time existence as a sovereign country of known territory. Surprisingly, such socio-political diseases of the past have no medications at the moment and in the future, except in countries like Ethiopia where the government declared such demands are valid and welcomed and be entertained accordingly --- one such request that has gotten answered was Eritrea -- the place now is a grand prison for those who demanded exactly what I have explained above from their mother land Ethiopia – receiving the curse of a betrayed and mutilated mother who still is bleeding from other stabbings by people who reside in her own power house.
King Solomon was known for his judicious works of wisdom. One of his works of wisdom was: two women came to his court calming that a child is theirs. He had no technology to use DNA test or he did not form a jury to make his decisions, instead he used his wisdom of identifying what a true mother will do to her child. He demanded a sward and asked one of his aids to bring the child forward. He then told to the two women that he is going to divide the child and you take your shares—when he raised his sward pretending to cut the child, the real mother fallen on top of her child to protect him from death while the pseudo mother stood quietly and watched the drama. Then Solomon made his DNA analysis of wisdom and gave the child to the real mother. It is this type of betrayal and test that Ethiopia has witnessed and lived for the last 20+ years, and knew who the real children and who the phony ones are.
From this time onwards, all Ethiopians and their friends of reason and decency, wherever they live should hold accountable those individuals who run a political campaign against Ethiopia and one particular ethnic group and perpetuate and teach a genocidal curriculum of pseudo-politics to innocent people who even are not able to read. Such hate originated pseudo-political runs targeting a particular ethnic group, to isolate, humiliate, feel guilty of their past (for doing a bravery work of patriotism to keep the country free, independent and proud to its children of all generations ) and eliminate politically from their country should be resisted and fought to the end and be treated as a campaign of genocide. Such actions when seen should be filed and reported to international organizations that work on such matters across the globe. No person of authority who holds a government office in contemporary Ethiopia speaks against Ethiopia and its past and against an ethnic group, as he/she represents the highest power of the land in which all individuals should feel and receive equality of law protection and where Ethiopia gets the highest protection as a country.
All the above issues I raised and discussed in brief are few of the things that determine the stability or the chaotic and erratic behavior of the political structure that Ethiopia and Ethiopians deserve to have or forced not to have. Since no human being of reason needs to form and live in chaotic systems except bad people with sinister motives, Ethiopia and Ethiopians need to create a political structure that is stable. Therefore conditions of stability should be identified, created and implemented. I will list few of them:
· Promote curricula of cultural developments that promote tolerance, lasting peaceful coexistence and purpose for the benefit of all to future generations. Political works and decisions should not be only for single generations, but for several generations to come.
· Develop a tradition of debate to solve differences by peaceful means and be able to agree even when in disagreement and work together. This habit eliminates the formation of chaos and instability—as chaos is a phenomenon when things are going apart as time goes bye because of disagreements.
· Develop schools and learning institutes across the country so that the country will have well educated, capable of thinking, reasoning and imaginative work force that is vital to the developments of the country in making wise and scientific decisions in understanding and solving problems for stability, and leaders of that capacity with wider knowledge and wisdom of things that are political, economic and social of local and/or global in nature with a developed sense of virtue so that they give priority to public causes than theirs, give preference to reason than nonsense and sensations, use virtue than vile—which all lead to stability than chaos.
· Establish effective infra-structures of communications and transport which are vital to local economic developments and cross cultural understanding, because of mobility of people from one corner to another for economic reasons due to the existence of such means and there bye creates opportunities for people to know and understand each other. Knowing creates understanding and understanding creates to be closer which again is a source of stability.
· Develop a constitution that is modern, civilized and fits contemporary societies of the world. Erase completely the notion of ethnicity, nation and nationalities. Completely ban establishing political parties by ethnic lines and stop ethnic parties to have power and mandate to rule over a proper constituent with multitudes of Ethiopian of different ethnic members--which practically is an abuse of power over others of a new sinister type, which amounts to make them feel aliens and strangers in their own country and in fact criminalizes their existence there. These terms and political strategies were simply created and used to control crowd of different stalks, where a political group (of a minority size or alien type) in power uses them in order to stay on top of all of the different stalks of people and use resources they have to places where the political group came from and also to stay in power indefinitely until they all come to know that the method used was a trick on them. In fact this method of tribal arrangements put those who are categorized by ethnicity to a lower level of social consciousness and political developments than the ones who rule them being on top. It was used by dictators of extraordinaire brutality and also by European colonists to rule by dividing – To utilize unknown territory that was occupied by different stalks of people, first they have to control it and to do that they had to create ( even if there are none ) pseudo parameters of differences among people to divide them and magnify that by some magnification factors and keep telling them wherever they are, when they are together or alone, until that parameter permeates in to the psyche of the society. Then after, the people will lose sense of cohesion and oneness and start to fight each other in which his former natural neighbor now becomes his deadly immediate enemy of survival. This is what was/is used and happened/happening in Ethiopia since the new group came to power.
Therefore, a constitution that recognizes the social developments Ethiopians, which is of modern and civilized, and that guarantees liberty and protects rights of an individual, that nurtures social trust to local and central governments by its citizens, is the one which creates stability. It is surprising that individuals of a different ethnic group are living in places with political umbrella established to a different ethnic group. Is this not a paradox not only thinking but of a simple fact of together living in one place! How could a big tree tells smaller plants that are growing beneath, that they should be of its type in order to get a weather protection, if not just get dead or it is up to you! The funny thing is that the big tree is standing on a land not owned by it but by the central government. Is that even possible in nature? What does it mean when an ethnic party whose main political mission is to take care of the welfare of that ethnic group and threats others as outsiders is given a mandate to rule a place that constitutes multitudes of different and mixed types of people, without even having a power to own the land--as land is owned by the government ---a display of overlaps of impossibles and tricks by sinister stalks of manipulative person s of ideology and world understanding of a medieval times ? Suppose there is only one medicine left in a pharmacy run by an ethnic group X for a deadly disease. Two people came who need that medicine, one from ethnic group X and the other from a different ethnic group but lives there. How will the pharmacy make a decision on this?
· To establish a judiciary system that is free from influence of any political power, not nominally as is always, but in practice. Every citizen of the country should feel that he/she indeed has a free and independent law protection and foreigners alike.
· Establish a press law that guarantees the freedom of expression and free speech with no string attached. No person has to be criminalized for what he thinks, said or written --- that is just wrong and uncivilized political behavior. Censorship is not the job of a government but of a reader.
· Create and protect conditions that guarantee political protection and economic vitality to its future existence globally and restore its historical power house that it had in the horn of Africa. In this regard we have seen the humiliating treatment Ethiopia is getting and bowing for the last 20+ years to Djibouti and other neighboring countries for port use. It has been reported time and again by all global financial organizations and known economists and from my outsider economic theory understanding but mathematical reasoning, courtiers with no sea out lets are bound to remain under constrained political power and economic growth and hence will always have controlled overall growth. Sea boundaries and ports are like doors to a home and air ducts to a person and you do not have to let these very fundamental parts of your home and body be controlled by others who at times want to chock you to death when they do not like you or sided with your enemy and blocks your movement and locked you up in a nest like a bird and makes your life miserable, which in this case is the political and economic life of Ethiopia -- unless you are a person devoid of a smallest wisdom and lack basic understanding of world politics of the human society of the last several centuries.
Therefore, Ethiopia should regain its natural sea out let and restores its natural port of Assab and red sea coast line using all legal means available. Political works are not to give comforts to leaders and individuals who reside in that country at a particular time, but instead to have a vision and do political works so that current generations be benefited and future generations be at a different but better place than past generations and therefore be appreciative of what past generations have done to them.
· Teach citizens civics lessons—what their duties, rights and responsibilities are? What a country is and its values to a person? What is a constitution and an army to the country?. These things are vital to create unison among all its citizens and give value and trust to their country and government, treat the constitution as their true document of a lasting harmonious existence. Citizens should learn and know that the army is paying an ultimate price to keep their safety and peace and the territorial integrity of their country. Therefore they have to always pay tribute to that sacrifices and give a value, develop patriotism and a sense of what a country is – a place of immense value to work, live, educate their children and enjoy life freely in peace, protected by the blood of its citizens who are their brothers and sisters. Trivializing and denying these values makes a citizen treasonous and be charged with such crimes and caste out by the society at all time.

Remark: After I posted this article, the Cuban leader Fidel Castro said that Communism does not work. It did not work for them and will not work for any body. Therefore those groups ( EPRP, EPLF, TPLF, OLF:  almost all have strange and mocking acronyms from the outset) who copied pamphlets of socialism from China, Russia and Cuba, and messing our society with self destruction, nihilism and cultural abandonment for last decades learnt that what they were doing was absolutely nonsense.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I read an article by Mr. Obang Metho, regarding an unknown personality with a pseudonym- Dr. Megalomanias, who uses an American journal (American Chronicle ) to seed hate and saw genocide in Ethiopia. I personally wrote to him several times thinking that he was a person of reason and thinking who needs to wish good, not only to Ethiopians but to all of mankind. It was an excellent, excellent article that gives perfect pills to almost all ills he wanted to happen in Ethiopia and to make Ethiopians be aware of such sinister motives of ill will and ill desire to our mutual existence from unknown source for unknown reasons. I say well done to Mr. Obang.
In line with this man’s unknown personality and his ill desires and plans that he dreams to happen and the political passage the ruling group is taking the country, some additional items may be good to recall so that one can connect and get a larger picture of who is who and who for what:
I will start from the time where TPLF came to power and what they have done and are still doing:
1.  The complete dismissal of centuries long Ethiopian history of existence as an old and independent proud country and limiting its age only to 100 years, in order to manipulate and deceive the southern people of Ethiopia and fell them in the trap to stir chaos and social turbulence, and to let the needed friend in arms get real estate out of Ethiopia, as a good will gesture of friendship, and the erratic and casual way of partitioning Ethiopia to benefit their future desires: getting greater share for them from around provinces and fomenting an ever ending ethnic conflicts.
2.  The campaign of TPLF and its entourages who accompanied it to Addis Ababa, to dismantle the statue of King Minelik II, as soon as they arrived at Addis Ababa. I will mention here what a person from Ghana said then. Are these new group of Ethiopians out of their minds? He questioned the wisdom of the then ruling groups collectively chose the name EPRDF and OLF who advocated and supported the elimination of the statue of Menilik from Piassa --Addis Ababa. He further said, their country is willing to buy the statue of Minilik, if they are willing to give it. In fact, he said any African country is willing to take this priceless statue-- it is one of the most valuable historical items that Africa at large and Ethiopia in particular have. How dare they wanted this to happen in their own country? Are not these new groups Ethiopians or other camouflaged look alike traitors of Ethiopia and Africa? He was outraged equally as the demonstrators in the street who opposed the idea of demolishing the statue of Minilik and shouting: NO! NO! to demolish the statue of Minilik..No! they shouted. The good thing though, was nothing happened on the statue and it still exists proudly.
3.  From these long standing sinister desires and intended plans of actions and their all time absence from celebrations of Ethiopian national holidays—such as the Adwa—victory day, etc, one can extrapolate his/her thinking as to what the inner motives and their unknown personalities of the TPLF leaders are to Ethiopia, its existence and its people. Recently a friend of mine mentioned to me that he has never heard the prime minister saying the name Ethiopia except only when he wants to call EPRDF. It is also an open secret that he has never attended any commencement of Ethiopian schools and or colleges and universities unlike all leaders of other countries.
4.  The constant barrage of hate and genocidal campaigns made by members of EPRDF, about the Amhara people across the country, including those who were members of a so called sub-section of EPRDF from the Amhara people lead by the then Tamirat Layne—defense minister and prime minister at one point but ended up in prison and exiled latter to America. They (including Tamirat ) savagely made a genocidal official campaign against their own race —the Amhara people vilifying them in the south and in Eritrea, whose consequences of those hate crimes were apparent immediately, both in the south and in Eritrea as well. Families were killed greasily, mothers were butchered and their unborn children were cut out from their mothers’ womb and slit their throats because they were fetuses of Amhara neighbors. Golden teeth were taken out and taken from individuals, because they were Ethiopians in Eritrea. The crimes committed on Ethiopia and Ethiopians were endless after the advent of these groups and it is not yet abating.
5.  The constant use of terms from the dictionary of the Rwanda genocide perpetrators by the prime minister of Ethiopia, though looked to intimidate the Ethiopians but deep in his thinking and desire not caring the consequences and even wishing to happen at the end, if they happen to lose power. He recalls these genocidal words instantly as reflex actions, which show his cognitive motives and genocidal social desires-- an ever seen type of power thirsty groups that hold power with sheer force from the Burrell of guns in modern Ethiopian history who have complete detest for Ethiopia and its history, whose only philosophy of existence is that of a donkey which says “ let no grass grow if I will die”. A good political leader is not this type—instead a person who is impartial and has an immense love and affections to his/her people, not to hurt a single one of them at any cost ,but instead defends the rights, safety and security of every citizen. The one that says the opposite of what the donkey says—“ let me do the right thing until I die—including resigning and or handing power to society on time, during times of continuous social ills, so that my people see the new place of love, prosperity, happiness and peaceful coexistence after ”
It is therefore a civic duty and responsibility to all Ethiopians to be aware of and be wise to know what is truth and lasting to generations to come and what is ephemeral and deceiving that lasts only to a one person’s power time.
Americans say this: “Freedom is accompanied with constant vigilance”. They are absolutely correct. Ethiopians should also know this and they should not be always passengers of a political merry go round which always cycles the same way and traces same places in the same time intervals. Know that Ethiopians are not children to be mocked at and tricked and deceived by any other sinister motives of domestic or alien sources, which at first looked sugar minted and coated for our senses, but inside deadly venoms to the fabrics of our society and its mutual coexistence to future generations. It is also important to know that the world is converging towards oneness and all problems are almost common and global to humanity than to ethnic types and local. Therefore the idea of going apart by an obsolete primitive social parameter of ethnicity will not have place in contemporary societies, except only in those who are uncivilized and destined to butcher each other until they come to their senses and attain a modern social developments as others.
These things therefore require constant teachings. It is from the Bible that questions this: why bad people rule? Answer: because good people keep silent. But at the same time it is a fact of numeric and dynamics of social stability that the majority in any society are good people and therefore if the majority do not keep silent, then for sure the very few bad minorities will disappear—not physically but their ideas, and good things grow and prosper.
As a break through to solve at least problems and reasons why people cannot come to terms for the collective good of contemporary generations and huge benefits of life, prosperity and peaceful coexistence as a strong people to future generations, let all of us agree to abolish identifying an individual by ethnicity and let us stop creating political parties based on ethnic tags. Because ethnicity will be used by bad people as a measure of everything that is social, economic and political, and therefore it will be a barometer of coexistence, either of peaceful at times and or genocidal at another. This had been the case in history of human existence and we witnessed it recently across the globe in societies who stack in medieval times of socio-political behaviors.
I have a practical example to tell for this. I have two friends who were best friends in Ethiopia and worked together shared same office for years and came to study here to the same university. But I found out they do not talk to each other anymore now here in America—because of the political temperature measured by ethnic barometer where they happened to belong to different ethnic groups. I pose a question to all of you to think, imagine and reflect for a moment —if learnt people with highest degree cannot communicate peacefully and understand the falsity and fallacy of ethnic politics and its far reaching devastating social consequences and indicate and explain to their fellow illiterate and naïve citizens who in most cases are convinced by emotions than by reason , the contradictions and dangers of ethnicity and political fire plays with it, then we are in deep trouble not only now but for centuries to come and we are lost. That is the political state in which Ethiopians inside and abroad are forced to accept and forced to live with—danger—danger--danger-..
Even the most trusted heavenly social rock of unison and symbol of peaceful coexistence—Christianity is not safe from this dangerous venom of ethnicity and local thinking. God does not have ethnic origin, is not sexist and is not by any means local. There are as many churches in America as the number of different types of ethnic groups and local thinkers—sad to see and sad to present ourselves to the modern world of the 21st century—where ethnicity and local thinking in most civilized countries are primitive identifying social parameters.
The disciples of Jesus once asked him how others can identify them that they are his followers and he replied to them; “they will identify you only by your unity, desire and display of love towards each and every one of you”. But we have hope in all these mess -- the Ethiopian people have refused to accept and do what the sinister groups are devising for them and forcing them to do.
I commend such a timely work!
Dejenie A. Lakew, Ph.D.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


We Ethiopians as part and parcel of the modern and contemporary society, have to be partners not only in locations of troubles and problems but places of minds and solutions to common problems of man.
Pseudonyms which pop up whenever an idea of sympathy and goodwill for the motherland Ethiopia and its innocent and humble people who happened to be victims of sinister groups who hold power by a historical mischief on their behalf is posted, are not what they pretend to be. These pseudonyms have peculiar features: They always pretend they are Oromo- and express their ideas in a violent angry confrontational and anti - argument of a modern and civilized type, denigrating and attacking the writers -- convincing you electronically (virtually) that if they be with you in person they will butcher you or obliterate you to death by any attacking weapon at their disposal and converting the civilized forum of ideas and debate of minds to a landfill of nasty, name calling, mudslinging place of suffocation by offense and stinks of a higher magnitude in order to force you out and remain invisible -- tactics learned from illiterate, good for the past, extreme supporters and members of EPLF, TPLF, OLF. They pretend to paint that only the Oromo people are ant-Ethiopian who will deny its existence as a country that trusts and proud of its children for their achievements who recognize and put her name amongst nations who were glorious in the past and prosperous now, taking care of its citizens very well and a proud member of the developed nations.
At the other end, they always write and paint, the ones who love Ethiopia to their death, how poor it may be are the Amhara people or the learnt ones which they call them elites -- Which again is a wrong interplay of facts and reasons, simply to attract and prove sensually the innocent, humble and unlearnt majority citizens of the country who failed to be victims of such a socio-political nonsense for the last 20+ years that have never seen in any place on the face of earth. Few such pseudonyms used for such purposes are : oromboona=Bacuu= iticha ( who wrote me one time that he is a mathematician as I am but with a better position) , and azeb, etc.
Up close study and analysis, these pseudonyms purely display a personality who does suffer from socio-psychological problems who need  psychiatric attentions. They do not display either a learnt or at least a common sense understanding and thinking in which higher levels and ultimate desires and capacities of the human race and its socio-political and economic achievements are in developing means and mechanisms to communicate, understand, built and utilize human knowledge and the natural resources of earth optimally and wisely and function and live together for the collective good and greater purpose of mankind here on earth. In the contrast, the behaviors we see from these “ good will ambassadors” to our Oromo people are however, something from the unknown -- advocates of social chaos and turbulence of any order for a purpose of unknown in an unknown world in which there is no measure of time and space, where the only villain to them remains to be Ethiopia and Ethiopians only—the weapon they use to annihilate is, innocent but unlearnt Ethiopians themselves or simply its children of a particular type, which again displays a sinister motive behind—by telling them that Ethiopia was a poor and bad mother, she was not fair to all her children, even some of them should say she was not their mother at all. Is it not sad ?
But just for curiosity: go visit Ethiopia and ask those real citizens from all corners. They will tell you that they love their country Ethiopia and will pay the ultimate price for her as their forefathers did. It is not Ethiopia that was/is the problem then and now, instead, they are the people and their lack of wisdom and knowledge who made and make decisions on their behalf and the slow progress of modern thinking and civilization in their country. They will tell you, instead of bringing books, schools, learning and preaching commonness and strengthening the good neighborliness of peaceful co-existence that they know for centuries, they come with something alien to their peaceful and harmonious coexistence –ethnicity- a stone age anti-social weapon of dividing strength to rule and subjugate: a time machine that not only counts in reverse but forces them to live in reverse and in the past.
They need their representatives first and foremost to be learnt, wise, imaginative and visionary who will not be cheated by jargons and phrases only of sensual values, from those who are sinister in nature. They need people who have inner desires to accelerate their slow and backward socio-economic life towards the modern world, not keeping them or decelerating backwards to be laughing stalks of contemporary societies. They do not want those people who force them to stay in the past, use pebbles and abacus to count and think, whose highest achievement designed is to avenge, revenge, meddle and be champions of the past in a reenactment play, while the civilized world is using the language of science, mathematics and technology advancing forward in unison using one wagon of the future, with one noble and wise oath—“not to replay and reenact any bad part of the past which was common and rampant in every corners of the world where man lived, but to learn from it” with the grand motto of oneness : “a right denied for one is a right denied for all”. The oneness of man on earth is therefore a fact and forgone conclusion for all civilized members of human societies. Since then, these civilized societies take earth as a common home for the human race, welcome every human being to their place of living or country as a refuge or otherwise and start searching for outer galactic places of destiny and explorations in which the future man can go and survive there or get information that benefit the existence of man here on earth in a better way. These are the time lines and the thinking modality and Vivendi of the contemporary society. That is why everybody lives anywhere on earth as long as he/she is not anti-social or anti-coexistence locally or globally.
By the way it is a fact of a singularity phenomenon in any dynamical system that we can make the statement: those Ethiopians who grew up, homed, benefited and educated to be Ethiopian, but later because of a sinister and illiterate friend advice and story abolish their loyalty to Ethiopia will never be loyal to any country whom they get refuge or citizenship. They will never be loyal to any friendship and any coexistence bills they signed under oath before, either here on earth or outside -- who knows where mankind will be in the future.
Therefore, our people do not need politicians or representatives on their behave who put them at the end part of a module of a rocket - wagon of civilization, ( because of lack of wisdom, knowledge and above all unwilling to learn) of modern society, which will later be released and go downwards while the rocket is moving upwards, but instead in the cabin of the rocket as all other civilized societies who will be where others will be and who will learn, reason, imagine, think and create as others and contribute to scientific developments of mankind equally as others.

But sadly, when the rocket- wagon of contemporary society rises up vertically, imagine the direction in which our people were/are moving ? —backward towards the ground where the rocket begins its flight. That was/is where our people were/are forced to be for the last several years and want them to remain.


Axiom: In any discourse, either social, political, religious or otherwise, to present ideas in a civilized way and treat your opponents with respect are acts of virtue.


Dejenie A. Lakew, Ph.D.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Democratic processes are more of a culture than a onetime good political action.
The power of ideas and free will debate : narrow the gap that is perceived by groups and make them get closer, for further understanding and thereby either eliminate differences or understand differences and work in harmony. Differences after all are not bad things, instead they are reasons for thinking alternatives which might be better and functioning for both sides. These habits also keep us out of emotions and sensations, so that we always make good decisions that are stable, well thought with values to all that are lasting.
It is therefore important to make a change of mind set and work habits, when it comes to censorship-Just do not do it. Let the reader decide which ideas are worth considering and which are not. Which ideas are anti-social and anti-coexistence, anti-growth, untimely and out of contemporary thinking. Most of us came from Ethiopia, because of a complete absence of freedom of expression and a non existence of rule of law- I heard today from a you-tube video, where the prime minister of Ethiopia saying, if their government decides that the eye color of a person is not something they do not want to see, then he said, they can kick him out of the country. This is a display in microcosm of a system which functions without any law and with no regard to the common and trivial human universal rights ratified by all member countries of the united nations-let alone a country whose leaders pretend it to be democratic and everything associated with it--that terrifies me.
Think the extrapolations of what he has said. If all countries who gave refuge to we all Ethiopians and other world citizens have the type of sub-law the prime minister is using, then the earth would have been practically hell. No man will go and live in places where he is different not only in his eye color, but in every possible dimensions that differentiate humans. Can you all imagine that type of world in your dreams ?. This is a type of sub-thinking which was common during the first stages of human evolution, when cavemen came out of their caves and encountered people who did not see them before, it was in this way they used to respond, live and survive, not in contemporary societies, in which all types of people live everywhere in the world in harmony under the fine thread of humanity and common home earth.
But all those things which happen in our country are alien here in America. We are free to express our ideas and our rights are protected by law with being equal to all citizens and government authorities. No man will come to our door and arrest us because of what we have said or what we have written, or who we support or vote for. These are the main things that differentiate the country we left- Ethiopia and the country we live in- America and these are the things we have to learn and practice to do while we are here in America and these are the things we have to wish for Ethiopia and its citizens—a free country in all possible and conceivable dimensions of existence of a free individual.
As a side note though, I will say this: in order to develop a positive culture of debate which is free and open, we all have to use our own names-not anonymous ones. Anonymity usually gives a space for an irresponsible and less virtuous individual to put something un necessary scripts, like a man named Dr. Megalomanias Mahammad--- from American Chronicle who posts not only anti-Ethiopia, but utterly false and nonsense articles.
Ideas are works of the brain and the brain needs clean environment to function properly. Therefore, we have to restrain from writing words that are immature, built and strengthened by naivety and devoid of wisdom and virtue and above all have no truth in them.
Dejenie Alemayehu Lakew, Ph.D.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world with antique recorded history of civilization, whose formation is precisely the same way as other countries of the world. Before, during and after European colonization of most countries of the world including all african countries with the exception of our country,  Ethiopia existed and survived all testing times in its long existence as in independent country with the heroic and heroines act of children of all its tribes. For that, we all Ethiopians irrespective of ethnicities are grateful,  proud and pay tribute for that. Unfortunately after the advent of socialism as a socio-economic philosophy to create a fair share of wealth in societies, our country followed that path not by natural fit but by force imposed on her. This imposition was a result of few things:

1. The inability of the ruling imperial group at the time to solve the country’s social, economic and political problems on time- not because of a political will, but because of luck of institutions and trained man power to solve the problems that were immense in size and complicated in nature.

2. The sinister motive to sensationalize the problems coining with the Eritrean question of separation, separatist groups manipulated the youth to be mobilized and throw the government to establish a socialist government that will provide freedom to all tribes beginning from Eritrea. To our surprise and dismay they succeeded in doing that and obtained college student leaders from country sides who were naïve to politics and world affairs who supported the idea, fought for it and died for it. These high school and colleges students who literary copied ideas of socialism through pamphlets and multitudes of copies of books, galvanized the illiterate society with the talks and slogans of socialism and put the country into civil war for several years.
As a result of these and the slow expansion of education in the country, came the contemporary political state in which our country is.
In all these turmoil times, the majority of the groups who used weapons to prove their illiterate understanding of socialism and beliefs of its immense power, did not show a minimal respect and consideration to their country Ethiopia- in fact they looked though they were fighting to get rid of the country and make its name obsolete, and create their own fiefdoms and later be named presidents of each section and get a sit in the UN, instead of protecting their motherland, the country they grew up, where their fathers and forefathers died for it and putting in place a better and functioning social and political order of what they imitated it as socialism.
An example of a family tragedy to mention: If a person is seek, he does not have to call a criminating center or a physician who will dismember his body parts as per his request, and latter the physician says to his family members that what he had requested and what I have done did not work and actually the person is dead with all its body parts apart.
This was what their plan, but by a political chance on behave of Ethiopia things took a different turn and course. The plan did not function totally as needed, because of a change of desire from some groups.
Returning back to students movement and consequences. Among the many groups who believed these ideas, fought for it with guns savagely with no sense of humanity, to realize their political nihilism, and cannibalism and at the end total destruction of Ethiopia, were ELF, TPLF, OLF and intentionally incubated latter day saints of tribes.
After all these things happened on her and lost some of its body parts, Ethiopia survived with scars of betrayal, nihilism and humiliation from its own children. To all who did these to her, Ethiopia paid for their education, for their health, for their homage in her own capacity and source of pride, as a country that existed un conquered, independent, co-equal, and respected by others and different from other countries, Ethiopia deserved better from its children.
Groups like OLF, their supporters and individuals still do continue to instigate harm to her by re-introducing an unknown sociology story that they tried for the last 21 + years, but whose only political success was to made their supporters and Ethiopia complete properties to the ruling group which is in power now. I do not understand why our country and people should be re-introduced to the same sociology course whose theory is old, whose time on the axis of state formations and social development is well far behind the 21st century or year 2010 and above all dysfunctional to the modern society. It is also a surprise to most of us why OLF and its few supporters always mention, Gadda of the Oromo elders is a different type of political and social system which is useful and good to be imitated. But it is just not the case. There is no human society which did not reach and had that type of way of social existence before it developed to the modern type. In fact it is one of the common preliminary stages of social development and state formations in human political evolution. To be frank, not only humans, but all living creatures who live only in their types do have sophisticated social orders. They have sophisticated hierarchy of command, divisions of labor and sophisticated defense mechanisms for their group survival in the immense jungle or wilderness that they live. Point in case, bees, ants and other desert and jungle animals.
Besides which country (ies) is (are) established differently from the establishment of Ethiopia? Take for instance the country in which we live now-USA. It was not allowed until recently, particular races to vote, to own a property, to share a bath room and faucet, move freely, to share same churches and schools. Women irrespective of races were not allowed, not only to run for office but to vote, and still women and men get unequal payments to the same job. It was also socially permitted to discriminate particular races to get and not to get employment and it was even illegal to marry different races. Still as we speak, few of the above problems exist .
Then to you all: OLF and the likes with similar but obsolete ideas and political goals of nowhere:
Question: Which Ethiopian past parallels or equals the social, political and economic past of USA I have indicated above?
Answer: NONE.
But neither groups, races nor sexes that were victims of all these distant and recent pasts, demand the type of political structure, domain and nihilism you are proposing for Ethiopia then and now, where the defunct OLF and the existing ruling group prescribed some 20 years ago, and nor indeed Ethiopia had these types of political past. Actually Ethiopia has better political, social and economic past, with better political and social records, when it comes to coexistence of different races, sexes and religions than most countries of the world at large and America in particular. This has been seen, verified, proved and testified by senior and junior world leaders of different religions of the world.

It is therefore my humble opinion that we propose ideas that will help the Ethiopian society to develop confidence of living together, to develop, live and work free, prosper and escape the cycle of poverty and backwardness and move forward to the 21st century along with all peoples of the world.
I am glad to invite you to read my short note regarding OLF and the likes, the paradox of their political understanding of social developments, state formations, their time lines, existence and purpose in my blog: http://dejalanalysis.blogspot.com
Axiom: In any discourse, either social, political, religious or otherwise, presenting ideas in a civilized way and treating your opponents with respect are acts of virtue.
Besides to be at least on the better side of humanity, make sure your acts should have some elements from each of the following three important ingredients of a modern personality which I call them traits of modernity that will lead mankind to a better and understanding world that accommodates us all.
             ♠. VIRTUE

             ♠. WISDOM

             ♠. TRUTH


Wednesday, June 9, 2010



This comment is for people who validate ideas and arguments by association or ethnicity, not by proper reasoning procedures. It is not who said it or who did, what matters and what you need to see carefully, but what is said and what has been done, that make all of us one and free of guilt by associations. Think for a minute how possible it is to make you commit a colossal mistake of a crime of humanity by changing a name of a person to a name of your types and make him one of you and believe him to do a huge planned human tragedy, but latter, you will discover that the person was not actually your types. The person did that for a political gamble and sinister motives using the opportunity and the power that he has to make you believe and do the crime by your hand.

We all know and is an open secret that this type of crime has been done in our country for the last several years, where individuals from different groups are assigned pseudo-names that will fit and camouflage localities, and do huge political plunders in the name of those local people or ethnic groups or tribes. But latter they will learn and complain that the individuals actually were not from their types, instead from another group. They cannot bring back what have been done wrong on behalf of their names and cannot minimize the size of damages that have been done and cannot control the damage to the future either. They simply get bitter and bitter, bite their teeth and live with remorse, guilt and feeing of betrayal. At the same time, victims of that act will always have images of people who are guilty of a colossal crime by associations.

Therefore for our political, social and economic mutual existence of a far reaching destiny, we have to find and accept ideas which are morally correct, commonly good to all of us, which are valid and useful irrespective of tribal differences. It is proper and human to reason, learn and know what is lasting and what is ephemeral. We humans, what differentiate us from other species is our ability to reason and think , the power we have from our brain. Not simply to look, smell, touch, hear, taste and make decisions- not at all. These are purely decisions based on inputs from our senses, which in most cases lead to false conclusions and thereby wrong decisions. A very thinly sweet coated matter may be something which is extremely sour and deadly after the tiny cover has finished. That means we do not have to make our decisions solely based on inputs from our senses. We need to analyze, make tests, re-test and reason and check the validity of things. That is our superior capacity from other species. Otherwise we will be like other species, where hunters or naturalists who camouflage to hunt or to get up close and see wild and exotics species. In order to camouflage they have to have a costumes of camouflaging not only by color, but by size, way of walking, body structures, etc . They will never know that they are different from them, because they do not have the thinking capacity as to how to check whether they are a real one of them or a camouflaged but different beings.

To rest my point dear friend, please make political ideas to be your shelters and find a group of ideas, not a group of types and tribes. You did not mention a single point to criticize or comment a posting, instead you comment on the name of the person who wrote it. What will you say if the name of the person was from your group? Are you going to say the things you have said or will you simply say well written my fellow man, since the name is in your right group!

Let us not repeat mistakes we have been doing for the last decades and continue the pain to the innocent millions because of our ill advised judgments and wrong decisions.
Life, liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness are all natural individual rights and therefore we have to work to that end. All those rights will not be rights to all if there is one individual amongst us who is devoid of a single of those rights.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


From : Dejenie A. Lakew, Ph.D.

Doing the undoable and expecting the expected. Therefore getting the unexpected.

It is always important to know that life of any type, the part which is left behind is a school that we have to learn from it. That is to say:

The past should not be kept idle in a museum of history, instead it has to be used to serve not only the present, but the future as well.

A plan to a future therefore should at least start from failures of the past and reasons, incorporated with new ones.

Complete freedom of expression and existence of a free press is the sole and cardinal element to the existence of a democratic social & political processes. One without the other is a democratic paradox and therefore a mockery on the process to say the least.

The validity or fallacy of a press and its prints or ideas have to be determined only by its readers, not by governments and/or authorities. The job of a government is to protect those fundamental rights of individuals and society, accessing and transmitting information freely. People use their natural rights to access information without being couched or guided, learn and make fair, well informed and better decisions for their daily lives in which political decisions are a part. That is why countries who have good visions to their societies invest a big part of their wealth on expanding schools, colleges, universities, research centers, technological institutes in order to equip their societies with scientific knowledge, capacity of critical thinking, so that they always make learnt, correct and stable decisions to solve problems that are either, natural, social, economic or political.

But in between, “Complete freedom of expression and existence of a free press “, there are important things people should look at, without which political participation is just a show case not caring about the results.

First, government is the sole guarantor and provider of – equal service of protection of safety to all, equal provision of media to all, an absolute equality of all in front of the law including those with arms, and an independent and free judiciary system.

In order these things to be practical at the same time, the police & army should reflect proportionately the diversity of the citizens of the country. Without that again, it is inconceivable that equality of all under the law will be true particularly in places where society is divided by ethnic lines and where the central government declares that, first individuals should play their ethnicities in order them to be in the larger group. Everybody knows that strong and sour medicines are sugar coated in order the patient to take it, and should be swallowed instantly. Therefore in such types of political territories, political prescriptions made by the ruling group are all sugar coated to disguise and pass a time, until political surgery is made. Therefore, it is political maturity that is expected from the other groups, knowing what tests sugar does not mean it indeed is a sugar to the end, in fact it is a palatable sour peal given to a political patient to sedate him until he swallows it and latter when he realize that it was a sedative that was given to him, the political game was over.

One example suffices to show the fallacy of participating in a game where the probability of winning is zero :

If you play a game which is known for its savage course of treachery, mischief and use of any means available at the disposal of the players that will result in a huge gain or lose by the players’ standards, and yet you allow all the judges, center, side, front, above, behind, even timers of the game to be from your opponent, then of course you will lose 100%. Because all the people running the game are not there just for the sake of the game but they are there in the game given key places in order to make sure their team wins. It is therefore up to you to let that happen and willing to participate in that game. The sad thing though is that you represent your constituents and they want you to win with zero mathematical possibility but by a miracle and the other group also represents constituents including all the people who run the game and want them to win with a winning probability of one (=100%), victory guaranteed.

The same thing is true with politics of the type we see in third world countries. Specifically, in a country where the society is divided based on diversity for political purposes in which political peals are used to sedate a group(s) of political patients, where political competition is deadly, and with:

1. All the army and police both local or federal, and the judiciary
2. Those who give food rations for political end
3. Those who work in polling stations -- civil and army
4. Those who observe the votes
5. Those who count the votes
6. All possible supportive personnel who run the show using government resources
7. Those who took the best and last part of the assignment which is reporting the results
8. All members of the judiciary, in case of complaints that will give legal protections to their victory

are all from one group, then it is extremely naive to participate and expect a sensible results in such kinds of political run-ups and elections.


1. Make sure that all personnel’s who run the show should be free and all
participants indorse them to be in that place.

2. There has to be free and equal service of law and judicial system to all
citizens-- which is guaranteed only when the rank and files of the police &
army are composed of all its citizens and reflecting its diversity
proportionately and free from any type of political engagements

3. There has to be equal usage of government resources to all--- as government
assets are assets of the people of the country

4. Above all, there should not be what is called political prisoner what so
ever in order a political system to be free and democratic, so that targeted eliminations
will not take place.
If such a thing happens to one person then it is a matter of principle of the ruling group, and therefore it will be a matter of time and degree of danger that anybody will or will not be in that category. When the time is right that a person is exactly on the target point on their mobile target finder, then that person will have that fate.

It is only when these things happen that a political run-up and election results have to be legitimate. The people give legitimacy to their electorates to make political, economic and social decisions on their behave and the elected people have gotten a power of legitimacy from their constituents and by default from the constitution of the country to represent their constituents.

Therefore not only in politics, but in any human interactions and transactions of any sort, only correctly set principles -- principles that stand firm and visible, pass the test of time, last longer and remain faithful partners to all individuals and or political groups with a mission of good will to all.

The above principles should therefore be implemented before anticipating and running any type of political participation against any ruling group that plays the type of political games I have indicated.

Saturday, May 22, 2010




Dejenie A. Lakew, PhD
Associate professor of Mathematics

Website: www.dejeniea.com

A star is a celestial object that has its own source of light for all who can observe it. It is a source of inspiration and admiration to all of mankind who are able to study it, and gives a further impetus for man to study the wider domain in which it (the star) is sighted- the universe.

In the contrary, a meteor is a space wondering object in our solar system that is purely a rock that displays light -like matter when it is observed from a distance and closer to earth, but disappears before it touches earth or when it touches, it will be found that it is mere a rock and the followers behind are similar space wonderers but of smaller sizes. The brightness seen is created from the friction between them and the atmosphere due to the speed of the meteor and its space followers which are trapped by the movement of the meteor due to its gravity.

Ancient astronomers, physicists, mathematicians, like Galileo and Copernicus were inspired more by stars than by meteors or asteroids to study the universe. Contemporary scientists of global mind whose imagination surpasses and transcends local training and local quasi-thinking, who feel, work day and night to study the section of the universe that we belong and that we can imagine, go beyond in their works, for the greater good of man. To think locally for such a scientist, is just like preaching arithmetic is the highest level of mathematics learning -which is totally wrong, misleading and dangerous for those who believe it.

My point in short is to draw parallel arguments to stars of ethnicity ( but meteors ) .

It has been observed time and again in modern times that, individuals who perpetrate ethnicity, teach hate on others and promise a dubious type of social and political order and space where society should live like merchandises/goods in a boutique - displayed side by side simply by their types without being mixed, are mere social meteors and their followers are people from their type who lack proper imagination either due to lack of basic education or due to lack of education that directed to the greater good of the human society and fails to foresee the future and ultimate collective destiny of man on earth.

These social or human meteors who, from a distance looked and promised to be guiding lights ( or stars ) only to their own type of followers, by the time they touch earth which is their political power, they change instantly to a rock-an object completely devoid of light source, together with tiny similar light less rock of followers. They change the place to a virtual prison and what is left to their real estate. Their followers then will be guards of prisons or workers or serfs in their real estate-the country they claimed is finally obtained or liberated.


A natural disaster is much better than an ethnic politician. The former forces different groups of people to work together and overcome the disaster, thereby shows and teaches how a collective work is stronger, effective and necessary for a collective wellbeing. In the contrary, the later teaches and preaches even forces different ethnic groups to fight in order to live separate and thereby weakens and trivializes the power of unison of different people to solve problems of varying magnitude. It undermines the collective good of man that gives refuge to those who suffer from natural or social calamities which displays the oneness of man and the common home of earth to all.

Axiom: In any discourse, either social, political, religious or otherwise, to present ideas in a civilized way and treating your opponents with respect are acts of virtue.

Besides to be at least on the better side of humanity, make sure your acts should have some elements from each of the following three important ingredients of a modern personality which I will call them the three traits of modernity that will lead mankind to a better and understanding world that accommodates us all.


Thursday, May 20, 2010


By Dejenie A. Lakew, PhD

Complete freedom of expression and existence of a free press is the sole and cardinal element to the existence of a democratic political process. One without the other is a democratic paradox and therefore a mockery to say the least.

The invaluableness of a press and its prints or ideas have to be determined only by its readers, not by governments and/or authorities. The job of a government is to protect that fundamental right of individuals and society of accessing information freely and forwarding ideas freely. To let that happen by itself is allowing the people use their natural rights of accessing information without being couched or guided, and making the free flow of information for learning and empowering the society so that they make fair, well informed and better decisions in which political decisions are a part.

After all, Political process are social process in which political decisions are made. A decision either scientific, political, social, economic and or otherwise, made by a well informed and knowledgeable citizen is better and stable than the one which is made by a naïve and less informed citizen.

If there is no free media, and no freedom of expression, and if individuals have fear of expressing their ideas, then people are forced to take or consume a pre-planned awareness or consciousness which not enable them to make better judgments and thereby better decisions as to what they need not only for them but for the good of the majority, and they simply be made nominal signatories of a process that does not exist in the first place.

In order a process to be democratic, there should be a free public participation in the political process. The way the participation is measured and verified is through their freedom of access to free information from an absolute free press , and the existence of an absolute free press law with no string attached what so ever. Without these things there is no democratic social, economic and political processes.

You can not tell to people that you run a physics or chemistry laboratory experiment by intentionally closing all the laboratories where the very activities should take place.

Thank you.

Monday, May 17, 2010



To: Politicians of Egypt and Sudan and their societies.

From: Dejenie Alemayehu Lakew (PhD)


I will start my point by putting a question to you so that your answer will be the Ethiopian and other upstream countries answer as well.

Why you do not remain under the British rule, because there was a document signed some time ago between British occupiers and Egyptian local people that Egypt is and will remain a British colony?

It was their right to rule over you because they said so and it will be their all time right to rule over you now and till the end of time.

What do you say to these statements and requests?

Your continuous argument regarding your right over the Nile simply supports the claim and question I put above, your past relations with the British based on documents they have used in that relation.

Your claim is a section of a general assertion that can be described as:

What ever written or said and signed by British colonizers however irrational it may be, has to remain valid now, tomorrow and for all time in the future.

But if you want to take out your self from the picture, because you know it is utterly nonsense, not only to be abided by but to mention and say it is valid now, then you craft a different argument in the following way:

All illegal documents and irrational obligations signed by the British colonizers are void, null and dysfunctional, except the only one which gave Egypt and Sudan the right to boss over the natural owners of the Nile water-the up stream countries in which Ethiopia is one of them and made us 100% owners, even though the water is not ours.

In any elementary logic course, such an argument will receive an F grade and therefore you have got a grade of F ( failed) when it comes to your argument and the constant request of your irrational right over the Nile waters.

Therefore you need to get to modify your modality of thinking and put things in a right manner and perspective that match contemporary societies. It is good for common sense, good for your spiritual life, and measures civility and displays a character of a modern 21st century standard in which, logic, correct reasoning and pragmatism are imperative for healthy neighborliness and peaceful co-existence of the human society.

The all time claim you make, when it comes to the Nile River is not only irrational but defies every thing that not only be imagined irrationally but beyond that. When we go back in time, things were nasty and some times forces us to question the wisdom and virtuosity of those who put in place many irrational documents and obligations. They did not display a capacity to imagine and project effects and consequences of their actions that were taken then to the future, not only from the point of view of virtue but to the point of view of peaceful co-existence to the human society. That capacity of the human brain is called intelligence, that differentiates us from other animals in which only survival is a natural instinct and capacity that they have. These kinds of human behaviors are completely wrong and are not condoned by contemporary societies any more.

I will put two examples to show the paradoxes of the past in human thinking, reasoning and actions taken.
We therefore need to make the past serve not only the present but the future as well.

First example: Think for the moment, if an elected British prime minister claims that Egypt is our colony and we have to regain it now. We have all weapons available and cross the Mediterranean Sea, capture Cairo, arrest Hossni Mubarek, take over the palace and re-instate the British constitution. It is our natural right because we have gotten a document that was put in place some 200 years ago from the British government that indeed Egypt was our colony.

What will you say? I assure you no human being having a normal thinking mind will concur with that and all people of the world ( including the British ) will be against it and will be with you if you oppose and say no you can not do that. If you say, no that was a wrong and in fact it was an invaders’ document in which no body has to be abided by now in this 21st century.

Second Example: Assume also the following:

The British put an oil pipe line from Egypt and Sudan to Kenya to get oil, but they do not have to be troubled by the Egyptians and Sudanese interruption. They prepared a binding document to protect this and signed between the British rulers and the Kenyans only.

The document says this:

Egypt and Sudan should not interrupt the flow of gas from their oil fields to Kenya through the pipe lines that are put in place across the desert. The British Government and Kenya will take any necessary measure to keep the flow un interrupted. If Egypt and Sudan need to use oil for large consumptions, first they have to consult the British and the Kenyans and get permission from them.

This document is a binding document for Egypt, Sudan, Kenya and Great Britain, but it is signed only by the two groups, British and Kenya not by Egypt and Sudan.

Just I will ask you this:

Not only now, but, is it not so nonsense and irrational such an agreement was signed then in the first place?
But above all, if Kenyans want to re-enforce this agreement for all time including now, will you accept it and buy (your country’s oil) from Kenya, because Kenya presents to you a document signed by it and British some hundred years back? I do not have to answer for you ?

I am sure, you will be flabbergasted and will say more than what I have said above regarding your irrational and illegal request of validity to an irrational and illegal right of ownership on some bodies natural wealth and property for all time.

In this time of our existence as a civilized society, you can not force people to believe and act on facts which were based on the false and irrational belief that the earth was flat. It is known that the earth is not flat and all the facts based on that were not only different, but wrong and no body uses them any more.

I will therefore leave you with a proposal that demands your capacity as a modern society that is part and parcel of the scientific world: Invest in mathematics, science and technology and develop scientific mechanisms which enable you to use a huge amount of water that exist across the Mediterranean boundary of your country.