Thursday, July 1, 2010


We Ethiopians as part and parcel of the modern and contemporary society, have to be partners not only in locations of troubles and problems but places of minds and solutions to common problems of man.
Pseudonyms which pop up whenever an idea of sympathy and goodwill for the motherland Ethiopia and its innocent and humble people who happened to be victims of sinister groups who hold power by a historical mischief on their behalf is posted, are not what they pretend to be. These pseudonyms have peculiar features: They always pretend they are Oromo- and express their ideas in a violent angry confrontational and anti - argument of a modern and civilized type, denigrating and attacking the writers -- convincing you electronically (virtually) that if they be with you in person they will butcher you or obliterate you to death by any attacking weapon at their disposal and converting the civilized forum of ideas and debate of minds to a landfill of nasty, name calling, mudslinging place of suffocation by offense and stinks of a higher magnitude in order to force you out and remain invisible -- tactics learned from illiterate, good for the past, extreme supporters and members of EPLF, TPLF, OLF. They pretend to paint that only the Oromo people are ant-Ethiopian who will deny its existence as a country that trusts and proud of its children for their achievements who recognize and put her name amongst nations who were glorious in the past and prosperous now, taking care of its citizens very well and a proud member of the developed nations.
At the other end, they always write and paint, the ones who love Ethiopia to their death, how poor it may be are the Amhara people or the learnt ones which they call them elites -- Which again is a wrong interplay of facts and reasons, simply to attract and prove sensually the innocent, humble and unlearnt majority citizens of the country who failed to be victims of such a socio-political nonsense for the last 20+ years that have never seen in any place on the face of earth. Few such pseudonyms used for such purposes are : oromboona=Bacuu= iticha ( who wrote me one time that he is a mathematician as I am but with a better position) , and azeb, etc.
Up close study and analysis, these pseudonyms purely display a personality who does suffer from socio-psychological problems who need  psychiatric attentions. They do not display either a learnt or at least a common sense understanding and thinking in which higher levels and ultimate desires and capacities of the human race and its socio-political and economic achievements are in developing means and mechanisms to communicate, understand, built and utilize human knowledge and the natural resources of earth optimally and wisely and function and live together for the collective good and greater purpose of mankind here on earth. In the contrast, the behaviors we see from these “ good will ambassadors” to our Oromo people are however, something from the unknown -- advocates of social chaos and turbulence of any order for a purpose of unknown in an unknown world in which there is no measure of time and space, where the only villain to them remains to be Ethiopia and Ethiopians only—the weapon they use to annihilate is, innocent but unlearnt Ethiopians themselves or simply its children of a particular type, which again displays a sinister motive behind—by telling them that Ethiopia was a poor and bad mother, she was not fair to all her children, even some of them should say she was not their mother at all. Is it not sad ?
But just for curiosity: go visit Ethiopia and ask those real citizens from all corners. They will tell you that they love their country Ethiopia and will pay the ultimate price for her as their forefathers did. It is not Ethiopia that was/is the problem then and now, instead, they are the people and their lack of wisdom and knowledge who made and make decisions on their behalf and the slow progress of modern thinking and civilization in their country. They will tell you, instead of bringing books, schools, learning and preaching commonness and strengthening the good neighborliness of peaceful co-existence that they know for centuries, they come with something alien to their peaceful and harmonious coexistence –ethnicity- a stone age anti-social weapon of dividing strength to rule and subjugate: a time machine that not only counts in reverse but forces them to live in reverse and in the past.
They need their representatives first and foremost to be learnt, wise, imaginative and visionary who will not be cheated by jargons and phrases only of sensual values, from those who are sinister in nature. They need people who have inner desires to accelerate their slow and backward socio-economic life towards the modern world, not keeping them or decelerating backwards to be laughing stalks of contemporary societies. They do not want those people who force them to stay in the past, use pebbles and abacus to count and think, whose highest achievement designed is to avenge, revenge, meddle and be champions of the past in a reenactment play, while the civilized world is using the language of science, mathematics and technology advancing forward in unison using one wagon of the future, with one noble and wise oath—“not to replay and reenact any bad part of the past which was common and rampant in every corners of the world where man lived, but to learn from it” with the grand motto of oneness : “a right denied for one is a right denied for all”. The oneness of man on earth is therefore a fact and forgone conclusion for all civilized members of human societies. Since then, these civilized societies take earth as a common home for the human race, welcome every human being to their place of living or country as a refuge or otherwise and start searching for outer galactic places of destiny and explorations in which the future man can go and survive there or get information that benefit the existence of man here on earth in a better way. These are the time lines and the thinking modality and Vivendi of the contemporary society. That is why everybody lives anywhere on earth as long as he/she is not anti-social or anti-coexistence locally or globally.
By the way it is a fact of a singularity phenomenon in any dynamical system that we can make the statement: those Ethiopians who grew up, homed, benefited and educated to be Ethiopian, but later because of a sinister and illiterate friend advice and story abolish their loyalty to Ethiopia will never be loyal to any country whom they get refuge or citizenship. They will never be loyal to any friendship and any coexistence bills they signed under oath before, either here on earth or outside -- who knows where mankind will be in the future.
Therefore, our people do not need politicians or representatives on their behave who put them at the end part of a module of a rocket - wagon of civilization, ( because of lack of wisdom, knowledge and above all unwilling to learn) of modern society, which will later be released and go downwards while the rocket is moving upwards, but instead in the cabin of the rocket as all other civilized societies who will be where others will be and who will learn, reason, imagine, think and create as others and contribute to scientific developments of mankind equally as others.

But sadly, when the rocket- wagon of contemporary society rises up vertically, imagine the direction in which our people were/are moving ? —backward towards the ground where the rocket begins its flight. That was/is where our people were/are forced to be for the last several years and want them to remain.


Axiom: In any discourse, either social, political, religious or otherwise, to present ideas in a civilized way and treat your opponents with respect are acts of virtue.


Dejenie A. Lakew, Ph.D.