Sunday, March 20, 2011


Please join me in campaigning to  adopt the following new word of mine in the English dictionary and in political philosophy.

Polpowbesity: Obesity of a political power.

Over use of political power without checks and balances for an indefinite or life time by leaders of developing countries which usually are called dictators who eventually use weaponry and firearms to choke , silence and kill their own citizen without any concern and mercilessly.

The current middle east political phenomena in
(1) Bahrain
(2) Libya
(3) Yemen and multitudes of African countries and elsewhere, are few who suffer from Polpowbesity .

There are several countries who suffer from Polpowbesity. Countries who suffer by same leaders for life long or for decades who by natural adaptation befriended poverty, illiteracy, luck of freedom of expression, complete absence of a free democratic political life, etc, where only leaders and their family members enjoy the highest standard of living, are victims of this political disease called Polpowbesity.

The current action that is taking place in Libya by the international community is a political surgery of an international military power that is approved by UN as a surgeon general , to ease the danger posed by Polpowbesity to the Libyan society and their future mutual existence in the global community.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


DEJAL ANALYSIS: FALLACY RULES OF GOVERNANCE!: "One thing to ponder about an article of a constitution that isfull of utterly invalid, fallacy in argument form and a paradox of re..."


One thing to ponder about an article of a constitution that is full of  utterly invalid, fallacy in argument form and a paradox of reasoning that is a result of incorrect thought processes with unrelated premises.

Constitutional Article : The right(s) of an individual and the rights of a group:

Question: Can these two things be valid in one country or in one place?

Answer : NO

First: Right - a privilege that individuals or groups claim to have legally in a place they reside or let us call it simply a legal privilege. Take two groups of people identified by their ethnicity: group A of ethnic type 1 and group B of ethnic type 2. They both are given group rights , that is ethnic rights stated by the constitution of the country but enshrined within their own places. Group A does socio-political and economic business that takes care of its own type of people. It makes sure that all its people get all available privileges from that section of residency and therefore any other person that does not belong to their type by definition is an outsider of the group and shall not have equal rights and therefore has no equal privileges as members do. For otherwise the very distinction of group and individual rights by the article has no meaning in purpose. The same thing holds with group B.
The article came as a surprise to the people of the country some 20 years ago while the society lived intermingled and married together for centuries. Besides, for sure, there is no place or section of the country how small that may be that will not have different and mixed types of people. Therefore there are people from type A that leave in Group B and vice versa. Each place is given to a collection of people with a constitutional mandate to take care of their own types. Those people who lived there all the time and are citizen of the country but happen to be different from the group will be treated like aliens and outsiders with no legal equal rights as others. Therefore these newly made aliens or outsiders have to live by the mercy and left over sub-privileges for sub- living from them, even if they have the highest level of capacity in their works and professional performances.
The article in design creates two types of citizenship with one additional hidden aim:
1. Those who happen to reside in a group of their type are full citizen as long as they remain and stay there.
2. Those who happen to live outside of their types be given a status of quasi-citizens by being a nominal citizen of the country but alien in the place they reside. As a result the article prohibits the movement of people from place to place for opportunities and privileges that may be available in some parts of the country.
3. To treat those who happened to be in other places by their definition with punitive and make them feel guilty of the past.

The inconsistency and fallacy of the article from an argument point of view can be checked by any first year college student. Above all this logically flawed argument forced to be valid for learnt citizens with punitive and sensationally fed consistently ad nauseam as a drug to the innocent huge majority, is a result of undeveloped cultural thinking process by validating things that are outdated, untimely, un updated and backward that do not reflect the socio-political and cultural developments of the Ethiopian society .
There will not be a single country at this time of the human existence across the globe that has schools and higher learning places of colleges and universities that disseminate knowledge of all disciplines , where basic laws of logic and correct reasoning of higher order as a way of higher order thought processes are taught and practiced as lingua-franca will allow such an utterly flawed semi-constitution to rule over their society.
It simply insults the country, its learnt citizens and the higher learning institutes that let their society be ruled by such paradoxical and false rule of governance that visibly drags backward and reduces the rate at which the society could have been grown in those times under a constitution that is valid.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


DEJAL ANALYSIS: PSEUDO LEADERS VERSUS LEADERS!: "................................................ PSEUDO LEADERS: Hold their own desires for their own sake and safety a..."


PSEUDO LEADERS: Hold their own desires for their own sake and safety as measures of standards for political decisions making – egoistic personality: a distinguishing political DNA of a personality that makes a person not be a leader. TRUE LEADERS in the contrary have courage and are altruist- bold to do undoable things in the purest forms in a pursuit of a selfless act of bravery for the sake of their society and hold the wishes and desires of their society as standards of political decision making.
There is absolutely nothing above of the unity, safety and security of the society and hence of the country they have served dearly at all time to make political decisions than any other thing. Bad, egoistic, selfish and illegitimate leaders and good, altruist and selfless leaders are utterly in different parallel universes but in a crisscross planar projections.
A true leader expresses his love to his people by listening to them and fulfill their wishes in a way more than what they expect. He does not say his people loves him to death. Leadership is to love, protect and serve society, not the converses. When a person says his people loves him until their death, he completely puts in more than equal footing his values, existence and survival with that of the values, existence and survival of the society - which purely is a claim and an expression of medieval time quasi-religious and spiritual-like personality or cult but supported and augmented with firearms and modern weaponry.
If Colonel Kaddafi indeed was a true leader that loves his people, then he was the person to express his love to his people by first and foremost asking humbly an apology and express resignation immediately from his nominal power that creates havoc on his country and avoid killings and bloodshed of his own people by his own people-in political terms to hate to be a leader of a faction group of a civil war of the country that comforted him for the last 40 years with no visible grudges against him, which already is in the dawn of the 21st century of civilized societies that run their political affairs as peoples and family affairs through the process of democracy, a political process that makes all citizens participate and thereby form governments that create equal opportunity to all its citizens.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DEJAL ANALYSIS: Investment in Education- Building a colossal compa...

DEJAL ANALYSIS: Investment in Education- Building a colossal compa...: " &..."

Investment in Education- Building a colossal compass to the Future!!



This is a small letter that I have sent to a face book friend of mine some time ago, though he did not reply to me or comment on it which the meaning of it is not yet known.  I decided to post it on my blog. Those who have read it don’t be bored by it!



A society that does not invest in education, science, technology, the arts and cultural development, and refuses to respect, value, request and use ideas and visions of its learnt citizens is destined to live in tyranny and darkness with no clear direction to the future. Such a society is like a group of people on a ship cruise in a vast and turbulent sea of no horizon, where at times the direction they were sailing is changed by a sea storm and lost, with no professional sailors on board , no compass to guide and retain their direction. Imagine how many years then it will take for such a group not only to get to shore but to see a horizon of a land mass. Learnt citizens have professional, better training and specific skills, methods and procedures to study, look, analyze, create models of problems that are either social, political or economic, and find solutions. That is why developed nations put a huge amount of their wealth for higher learning schools and research institutes and grow fast, steadily and consistently, while in the contrary, underdeveloped countries spent much of their wealth in training a huge army and police force, expanding prisons instead of universities and schools, buying weapons instead of computers, to control, and starve the minds of thinking individuals by denying the freedom to learn, reason, think, express and write ideas that are vital to the society now and to the future and literally suffocating their own society to death.

It is therefore those concerned citizens and groups who have the financial resources to establish media outlets or have one, should always invite professionals from fields that can provide a timely, correct and important information and at times knowledge to the society so that they make better and informed decisions to their lives and build a better society that is at par with well to do others.

I wrote this note to you, because yesterday, I heard you questioning from your Face Book posting, where are the intellectuals and learnt citizens of Ethiopia? Why they do not give ideas and directions as to what the society has to do and should look? You are absolutely correct. I can list few and I hope you know them as well more than me, that there are many such concerned learnt citizens who write and express their heartfelt wishes and reason justified ideas on a regular and casual basis in different websites regarding Ethiopia and its current state of troubles. It is therefore those who have media outlets that they have to find such people and invite them to provide and share ideas and information that are important, timely and vital to the society in a regular basis.

To your surprise, I am a mathematics professor but participate in such matters and even have a blog site for this purpose.

If you have not read my blog then I invite you to visit and read what I think and say.

Dejenie Alemayehu Lakew (PhD)