Thursday, March 3, 2011


PSEUDO LEADERS: Hold their own desires for their own sake and safety as measures of standards for political decisions making – egoistic personality: a distinguishing political DNA of a personality that makes a person not be a leader. TRUE LEADERS in the contrary have courage and are altruist- bold to do undoable things in the purest forms in a pursuit of a selfless act of bravery for the sake of their society and hold the wishes and desires of their society as standards of political decision making.
There is absolutely nothing above of the unity, safety and security of the society and hence of the country they have served dearly at all time to make political decisions than any other thing. Bad, egoistic, selfish and illegitimate leaders and good, altruist and selfless leaders are utterly in different parallel universes but in a crisscross planar projections.
A true leader expresses his love to his people by listening to them and fulfill their wishes in a way more than what they expect. He does not say his people loves him to death. Leadership is to love, protect and serve society, not the converses. When a person says his people loves him until their death, he completely puts in more than equal footing his values, existence and survival with that of the values, existence and survival of the society - which purely is a claim and an expression of medieval time quasi-religious and spiritual-like personality or cult but supported and augmented with firearms and modern weaponry.
If Colonel Kaddafi indeed was a true leader that loves his people, then he was the person to express his love to his people by first and foremost asking humbly an apology and express resignation immediately from his nominal power that creates havoc on his country and avoid killings and bloodshed of his own people by his own people-in political terms to hate to be a leader of a faction group of a civil war of the country that comforted him for the last 40 years with no visible grudges against him, which already is in the dawn of the 21st century of civilized societies that run their political affairs as peoples and family affairs through the process of democracy, a political process that makes all citizens participate and thereby form governments that create equal opportunity to all its citizens.

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