Wednesday, June 9, 2010



This comment is for people who validate ideas and arguments by association or ethnicity, not by proper reasoning procedures. It is not who said it or who did, what matters and what you need to see carefully, but what is said and what has been done, that make all of us one and free of guilt by associations. Think for a minute how possible it is to make you commit a colossal mistake of a crime of humanity by changing a name of a person to a name of your types and make him one of you and believe him to do a huge planned human tragedy, but latter, you will discover that the person was not actually your types. The person did that for a political gamble and sinister motives using the opportunity and the power that he has to make you believe and do the crime by your hand.

We all know and is an open secret that this type of crime has been done in our country for the last several years, where individuals from different groups are assigned pseudo-names that will fit and camouflage localities, and do huge political plunders in the name of those local people or ethnic groups or tribes. But latter they will learn and complain that the individuals actually were not from their types, instead from another group. They cannot bring back what have been done wrong on behalf of their names and cannot minimize the size of damages that have been done and cannot control the damage to the future either. They simply get bitter and bitter, bite their teeth and live with remorse, guilt and feeing of betrayal. At the same time, victims of that act will always have images of people who are guilty of a colossal crime by associations.

Therefore for our political, social and economic mutual existence of a far reaching destiny, we have to find and accept ideas which are morally correct, commonly good to all of us, which are valid and useful irrespective of tribal differences. It is proper and human to reason, learn and know what is lasting and what is ephemeral. We humans, what differentiate us from other species is our ability to reason and think , the power we have from our brain. Not simply to look, smell, touch, hear, taste and make decisions- not at all. These are purely decisions based on inputs from our senses, which in most cases lead to false conclusions and thereby wrong decisions. A very thinly sweet coated matter may be something which is extremely sour and deadly after the tiny cover has finished. That means we do not have to make our decisions solely based on inputs from our senses. We need to analyze, make tests, re-test and reason and check the validity of things. That is our superior capacity from other species. Otherwise we will be like other species, where hunters or naturalists who camouflage to hunt or to get up close and see wild and exotics species. In order to camouflage they have to have a costumes of camouflaging not only by color, but by size, way of walking, body structures, etc . They will never know that they are different from them, because they do not have the thinking capacity as to how to check whether they are a real one of them or a camouflaged but different beings.

To rest my point dear friend, please make political ideas to be your shelters and find a group of ideas, not a group of types and tribes. You did not mention a single point to criticize or comment a posting, instead you comment on the name of the person who wrote it. What will you say if the name of the person was from your group? Are you going to say the things you have said or will you simply say well written my fellow man, since the name is in your right group!

Let us not repeat mistakes we have been doing for the last decades and continue the pain to the innocent millions because of our ill advised judgments and wrong decisions.
Life, liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness are all natural individual rights and therefore we have to work to that end. All those rights will not be rights to all if there is one individual amongst us who is devoid of a single of those rights.

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