Sunday, June 20, 2010


Democratic processes are more of a culture than a onetime good political action.
The power of ideas and free will debate : narrow the gap that is perceived by groups and make them get closer, for further understanding and thereby either eliminate differences or understand differences and work in harmony. Differences after all are not bad things, instead they are reasons for thinking alternatives which might be better and functioning for both sides. These habits also keep us out of emotions and sensations, so that we always make good decisions that are stable, well thought with values to all that are lasting.
It is therefore important to make a change of mind set and work habits, when it comes to censorship-Just do not do it. Let the reader decide which ideas are worth considering and which are not. Which ideas are anti-social and anti-coexistence, anti-growth, untimely and out of contemporary thinking. Most of us came from Ethiopia, because of a complete absence of freedom of expression and a non existence of rule of law- I heard today from a you-tube video, where the prime minister of Ethiopia saying, if their government decides that the eye color of a person is not something they do not want to see, then he said, they can kick him out of the country. This is a display in microcosm of a system which functions without any law and with no regard to the common and trivial human universal rights ratified by all member countries of the united nations-let alone a country whose leaders pretend it to be democratic and everything associated with it--that terrifies me.
Think the extrapolations of what he has said. If all countries who gave refuge to we all Ethiopians and other world citizens have the type of sub-law the prime minister is using, then the earth would have been practically hell. No man will go and live in places where he is different not only in his eye color, but in every possible dimensions that differentiate humans. Can you all imagine that type of world in your dreams ?. This is a type of sub-thinking which was common during the first stages of human evolution, when cavemen came out of their caves and encountered people who did not see them before, it was in this way they used to respond, live and survive, not in contemporary societies, in which all types of people live everywhere in the world in harmony under the fine thread of humanity and common home earth.
But all those things which happen in our country are alien here in America. We are free to express our ideas and our rights are protected by law with being equal to all citizens and government authorities. No man will come to our door and arrest us because of what we have said or what we have written, or who we support or vote for. These are the main things that differentiate the country we left- Ethiopia and the country we live in- America and these are the things we have to learn and practice to do while we are here in America and these are the things we have to wish for Ethiopia and its citizens—a free country in all possible and conceivable dimensions of existence of a free individual.
As a side note though, I will say this: in order to develop a positive culture of debate which is free and open, we all have to use our own names-not anonymous ones. Anonymity usually gives a space for an irresponsible and less virtuous individual to put something un necessary scripts, like a man named Dr. Megalomanias Mahammad--- from American Chronicle who posts not only anti-Ethiopia, but utterly false and nonsense articles.
Ideas are works of the brain and the brain needs clean environment to function properly. Therefore, we have to restrain from writing words that are immature, built and strengthened by naivety and devoid of wisdom and virtue and above all have no truth in them.
Dejenie Alemayehu Lakew, Ph.D.


  1. Great article!
    Ethiopia has beloved sons.
    Long live Ethiopia.

    Thank you,
    ( sorry for using nickname, though you told me not to do so)

  2. Behailu,

    Thank you for reading my article and putting such a good comment.