Sunday, June 13, 2010


Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world with antique recorded history of civilization, whose formation is precisely the same way as other countries of the world. Before, during and after European colonization of most countries of the world including all african countries with the exception of our country,  Ethiopia existed and survived all testing times in its long existence as in independent country with the heroic and heroines act of children of all its tribes. For that, we all Ethiopians irrespective of ethnicities are grateful,  proud and pay tribute for that. Unfortunately after the advent of socialism as a socio-economic philosophy to create a fair share of wealth in societies, our country followed that path not by natural fit but by force imposed on her. This imposition was a result of few things:

1. The inability of the ruling imperial group at the time to solve the country’s social, economic and political problems on time- not because of a political will, but because of luck of institutions and trained man power to solve the problems that were immense in size and complicated in nature.

2. The sinister motive to sensationalize the problems coining with the Eritrean question of separation, separatist groups manipulated the youth to be mobilized and throw the government to establish a socialist government that will provide freedom to all tribes beginning from Eritrea. To our surprise and dismay they succeeded in doing that and obtained college student leaders from country sides who were naïve to politics and world affairs who supported the idea, fought for it and died for it. These high school and colleges students who literary copied ideas of socialism through pamphlets and multitudes of copies of books, galvanized the illiterate society with the talks and slogans of socialism and put the country into civil war for several years.
As a result of these and the slow expansion of education in the country, came the contemporary political state in which our country is.
In all these turmoil times, the majority of the groups who used weapons to prove their illiterate understanding of socialism and beliefs of its immense power, did not show a minimal respect and consideration to their country Ethiopia- in fact they looked though they were fighting to get rid of the country and make its name obsolete, and create their own fiefdoms and later be named presidents of each section and get a sit in the UN, instead of protecting their motherland, the country they grew up, where their fathers and forefathers died for it and putting in place a better and functioning social and political order of what they imitated it as socialism.
An example of a family tragedy to mention: If a person is seek, he does not have to call a criminating center or a physician who will dismember his body parts as per his request, and latter the physician says to his family members that what he had requested and what I have done did not work and actually the person is dead with all its body parts apart.
This was what their plan, but by a political chance on behave of Ethiopia things took a different turn and course. The plan did not function totally as needed, because of a change of desire from some groups.
Returning back to students movement and consequences. Among the many groups who believed these ideas, fought for it with guns savagely with no sense of humanity, to realize their political nihilism, and cannibalism and at the end total destruction of Ethiopia, were ELF, TPLF, OLF and intentionally incubated latter day saints of tribes.
After all these things happened on her and lost some of its body parts, Ethiopia survived with scars of betrayal, nihilism and humiliation from its own children. To all who did these to her, Ethiopia paid for their education, for their health, for their homage in her own capacity and source of pride, as a country that existed un conquered, independent, co-equal, and respected by others and different from other countries, Ethiopia deserved better from its children.
Groups like OLF, their supporters and individuals still do continue to instigate harm to her by re-introducing an unknown sociology story that they tried for the last 21 + years, but whose only political success was to made their supporters and Ethiopia complete properties to the ruling group which is in power now. I do not understand why our country and people should be re-introduced to the same sociology course whose theory is old, whose time on the axis of state formations and social development is well far behind the 21st century or year 2010 and above all dysfunctional to the modern society. It is also a surprise to most of us why OLF and its few supporters always mention, Gadda of the Oromo elders is a different type of political and social system which is useful and good to be imitated. But it is just not the case. There is no human society which did not reach and had that type of way of social existence before it developed to the modern type. In fact it is one of the common preliminary stages of social development and state formations in human political evolution. To be frank, not only humans, but all living creatures who live only in their types do have sophisticated social orders. They have sophisticated hierarchy of command, divisions of labor and sophisticated defense mechanisms for their group survival in the immense jungle or wilderness that they live. Point in case, bees, ants and other desert and jungle animals.
Besides which country (ies) is (are) established differently from the establishment of Ethiopia? Take for instance the country in which we live now-USA. It was not allowed until recently, particular races to vote, to own a property, to share a bath room and faucet, move freely, to share same churches and schools. Women irrespective of races were not allowed, not only to run for office but to vote, and still women and men get unequal payments to the same job. It was also socially permitted to discriminate particular races to get and not to get employment and it was even illegal to marry different races. Still as we speak, few of the above problems exist .
Then to you all: OLF and the likes with similar but obsolete ideas and political goals of nowhere:
Question: Which Ethiopian past parallels or equals the social, political and economic past of USA I have indicated above?
Answer: NONE.
But neither groups, races nor sexes that were victims of all these distant and recent pasts, demand the type of political structure, domain and nihilism you are proposing for Ethiopia then and now, where the defunct OLF and the existing ruling group prescribed some 20 years ago, and nor indeed Ethiopia had these types of political past. Actually Ethiopia has better political, social and economic past, with better political and social records, when it comes to coexistence of different races, sexes and religions than most countries of the world at large and America in particular. This has been seen, verified, proved and testified by senior and junior world leaders of different religions of the world.

It is therefore my humble opinion that we propose ideas that will help the Ethiopian society to develop confidence of living together, to develop, live and work free, prosper and escape the cycle of poverty and backwardness and move forward to the 21st century along with all peoples of the world.
I am glad to invite you to read my short note regarding OLF and the likes, the paradox of their political understanding of social developments, state formations, their time lines, existence and purpose in my blog:
Axiom: In any discourse, either social, political, religious or otherwise, presenting ideas in a civilized way and treating your opponents with respect are acts of virtue.
Besides to be at least on the better side of humanity, make sure your acts should have some elements from each of the following three important ingredients of a modern personality which I call them traits of modernity that will lead mankind to a better and understanding world that accommodates us all.
             ♠. VIRTUE

             ♠. WISDOM

             ♠. TRUTH



  1. Good analysis Dr.Dejene.

  2. Dear Anonymous ( mathematician as I am ):

    I still see from your blatant and out of thought words- sign of lack of a capacity of abstract thinking, devoid of any signs of mathematical training, with a level of understanding and analysis of things much below from a person whom you said is in higher status in the profession than I am.

    You displayed your only capacity to copy, not to think, when you indicate as an error, what an axiom is and where it should be placed in any logical or argument structure and even where it has to be used- you completely forget the universality of mathematics and its applications.

    I simply see you as a folder of mathematical facts - used by humans as it cannot say anything what it has and cannot think, reason by itself and write new things by itself and put into itself.

    But you can also write axioms that are non mathematical in purpose-which you are not yet capable of thinking that, because your capacity is to copy not only ideas but formats, where things should be placed - that surprises not only to me but to my sudents of set theroy and logic.

    As a thinker, you can call a fundamental idea which you want people to use in their lives to lead a better, social, economic, political, religious and friendly life as AXIOM.

    Some may call that rules or principles -so activities follow from there for larger good and further coordinated activities to augment a system in need and to avoid loss of manageable orders which lead to chaotic structure.

    Commandments- in order people shall have a moderated living that have common values in order to have a better free and trusting life among themselves.

    Axiom- I used it to connect my field of training and study to social matters which you even did not think that was possible but came as a surprise .

    Not only our locality where we grew up and came from, but earth is infinitely small to live and solve future problems of mankind. It is because of that we humans think of searching places in the outer immense and infinitely expanding universe so that our future existence may not be at stake and yet you stick to a non existence zero dimensional point of your locality- which again is a display of a non mathematical thinking and a non-characteristics of a mathematician who understands and appreciates the magnitude of infiniteness and how finite things are actually infinitely small. Imagine now the gap that there is between what I am thinking and what you are thin.

    Dear friend, I have to use my axiom when I deal with you: from your comment, I understand that you have come to know me or you may know me before. I will encourage you to introduce yourself openly and discuss issues which you think are explosive and emotional to handle them. I will encourage you not to be that and use :

    Axiom: In any discourse, either social, political, religious or otherwise, presenting ideas in a civilized way and treating your opponents with respect are acts of virtue.

    I appreciate reading my post in my blog. I have few similar articles that are posted and am planning to write more when I have time to do so. You can forward comments that are a bit quasi-mathematical at least in nature and non-emotional in human character. We might be colleagues or friends before the advent of ethnic thinking and tribalism in our country, I will assume that as you are senior in my profession ( from what you have said ) and I am a bit from the older generations of mathematicians from Ethiopia.
    Besides, I did not know that I posted what I am on every website for no reason and that will not happen- that even bothered you, which I am not aware of that. I might participate in many things and places and by default, my name will be there. Therefore they are my works and ideas that are posted in places where I want to participate and make a contribution-which go along with my name.

    I wish you the best of luck and best of intensions!



  3. The "mathematician"June 15, 2010 at 1:23 PM

    Yes, I was furious when I saw your insult (calling genuine Oromo fighters tribalists) and posting at a place where nobody can even think of. For God's sake, what made you post an article about OLF under Dr Messay's article where he didn't even mention anything Oromo or OLF? Is OLF becoming your nightmare lately? I do have respect for those who deserve respect, but if you choose to bring yourself down, then I better treat you accordingly.

    You said, "Axiom- I used it to connect my field of training and study to social matters which you even did not think that was possible but came as a surprise".

    Please tell me where exactly did I say "you should not apply axioms outside of mathematics" and that I "even did not think that was possible but came as a surprise"? What I said was, the moment you state an "axiom", as you very well know in your "set theory and logic" classes, a theorem or proposition should follow, that can be proved by your axiom(s). That was the "fallacy" I'm talking about.

    Besides, thanks but no-thanks for your invitation for me "to introduce myself openly" and discuss issues with you. I have many other things to do; I am fine if you write anything that interests you as long as you do not indulge yourself into something that is none of your business, namely, labeling OLF freedom fighters "tribalists". OLF and the Oromo people are struggling for their right, and I am part and parcel of them. It concerns me, and even more so when it comes from someone whom I consider my colleague.


  4. I am glad that you cool down. This practically displays the power of ideas and free will debate : to narrow the gap that perceived by both sides and make them get closer, for further understanding and thereby either eliminating differences or understanding differences, not as a bad thing but natural. The more people understand each other, the more narrow the gap that was created and perceived between them and thereby create conditions to work in harmony but being different. That is the power of our brain and what we have to use it for: reason, think and be out of emotions and sensations to make bad decisions which will have lasting impressions and impacts.

    As to the place you mentioned where I posted my comment- there was nothing related to the author ( Dr Messay, whom I know ) or anything for that matter. I simply thought that was a right topic where my comment will fit and be read, since the topic was about oppositions and reasons of their failure. What they have lacked and what they need to do to perform better. I was therefore to say, they " the opposition " get more power to function and perform better, if they are one in purpose, strategy and goal and identify the cause of trouble for that unity, not only in this particular political event but for greater good of Ethiopia at large and for the future.

    For a political strategy, the ruling group created long time ago, a defragmenting ethnic prism in such a way that:
    the leading and ruling group function as one on the front side of the ethnic defragmenting prism with full power, wavelength and strength, and the oppositions defragmented by the ethnic prism on the other side function weaker, at times they looked to each other and see differences, get distracted and fight each other and loose cohesion.

    There is nothing an insult in these ideas other than indicating sources of problems and solutions to them.

    But to be honest, I am sorry that your feelings are hurt, but I will be glad if you disclose yourself as I do, openly writing to you and others. You said you are my colleague and therefore, instead of me guessing who you might be, I will appreciate if you come forward and write your name, and smile to each other.