Saturday, May 22, 2010




Dejenie A. Lakew, PhD
Associate professor of Mathematics


A star is a celestial object that has its own source of light for all who can observe it. It is a source of inspiration and admiration to all of mankind who are able to study it, and gives a further impetus for man to study the wider domain in which it (the star) is sighted- the universe.

In the contrary, a meteor is a space wondering object in our solar system that is purely a rock that displays light -like matter when it is observed from a distance and closer to earth, but disappears before it touches earth or when it touches, it will be found that it is mere a rock and the followers behind are similar space wonderers but of smaller sizes. The brightness seen is created from the friction between them and the atmosphere due to the speed of the meteor and its space followers which are trapped by the movement of the meteor due to its gravity.

Ancient astronomers, physicists, mathematicians, like Galileo and Copernicus were inspired more by stars than by meteors or asteroids to study the universe. Contemporary scientists of global mind whose imagination surpasses and transcends local training and local quasi-thinking, who feel, work day and night to study the section of the universe that we belong and that we can imagine, go beyond in their works, for the greater good of man. To think locally for such a scientist, is just like preaching arithmetic is the highest level of mathematics learning -which is totally wrong, misleading and dangerous for those who believe it.

My point in short is to draw parallel arguments to stars of ethnicity ( but meteors ) .

It has been observed time and again in modern times that, individuals who perpetrate ethnicity, teach hate on others and promise a dubious type of social and political order and space where society should live like merchandises/goods in a boutique - displayed side by side simply by their types without being mixed, are mere social meteors and their followers are people from their type who lack proper imagination either due to lack of basic education or due to lack of education that directed to the greater good of the human society and fails to foresee the future and ultimate collective destiny of man on earth.

These social or human meteors who, from a distance looked and promised to be guiding lights ( or stars ) only to their own type of followers, by the time they touch earth which is their political power, they change instantly to a rock-an object completely devoid of light source, together with tiny similar light less rock of followers. They change the place to a virtual prison and what is left to their real estate. Their followers then will be guards of prisons or workers or serfs in their real estate-the country they claimed is finally obtained or liberated.


A natural disaster is much better than an ethnic politician. The former forces different groups of people to work together and overcome the disaster, thereby shows and teaches how a collective work is stronger, effective and necessary for a collective wellbeing. In the contrary, the later teaches and preaches even forces different ethnic groups to fight in order to live separate and thereby weakens and trivializes the power of unison of different people to solve problems of varying magnitude. It undermines the collective good of man that gives refuge to those who suffer from natural or social calamities which displays the oneness of man and the common home of earth to all.

Axiom: In any discourse, either social, political, religious or otherwise, to present ideas in a civilized way and treating your opponents with respect are acts of virtue.

Besides to be at least on the better side of humanity, make sure your acts should have some elements from each of the following three important ingredients of a modern personality which I will call them the three traits of modernity that will lead mankind to a better and understanding world that accommodates us all.


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