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To: Politicians of Egypt and Sudan and their societies.

From: Dejenie Alemayehu Lakew (PhD)


I will start my point by putting a question to you so that your answer will be the Ethiopian and other upstream countries answer as well.

Why you do not remain under the British rule, because there was a document signed some time ago between British occupiers and Egyptian local people that Egypt is and will remain a British colony?

It was their right to rule over you because they said so and it will be their all time right to rule over you now and till the end of time.

What do you say to these statements and requests?

Your continuous argument regarding your right over the Nile simply supports the claim and question I put above, your past relations with the British based on documents they have used in that relation.

Your claim is a section of a general assertion that can be described as:

What ever written or said and signed by British colonizers however irrational it may be, has to remain valid now, tomorrow and for all time in the future.

But if you want to take out your self from the picture, because you know it is utterly nonsense, not only to be abided by but to mention and say it is valid now, then you craft a different argument in the following way:

All illegal documents and irrational obligations signed by the British colonizers are void, null and dysfunctional, except the only one which gave Egypt and Sudan the right to boss over the natural owners of the Nile water-the up stream countries in which Ethiopia is one of them and made us 100% owners, even though the water is not ours.

In any elementary logic course, such an argument will receive an F grade and therefore you have got a grade of F ( failed) when it comes to your argument and the constant request of your irrational right over the Nile waters.

Therefore you need to get to modify your modality of thinking and put things in a right manner and perspective that match contemporary societies. It is good for common sense, good for your spiritual life, and measures civility and displays a character of a modern 21st century standard in which, logic, correct reasoning and pragmatism are imperative for healthy neighborliness and peaceful co-existence of the human society.

The all time claim you make, when it comes to the Nile River is not only irrational but defies every thing that not only be imagined irrationally but beyond that. When we go back in time, things were nasty and some times forces us to question the wisdom and virtuosity of those who put in place many irrational documents and obligations. They did not display a capacity to imagine and project effects and consequences of their actions that were taken then to the future, not only from the point of view of virtue but to the point of view of peaceful co-existence to the human society. That capacity of the human brain is called intelligence, that differentiates us from other animals in which only survival is a natural instinct and capacity that they have. These kinds of human behaviors are completely wrong and are not condoned by contemporary societies any more.

I will put two examples to show the paradoxes of the past in human thinking, reasoning and actions taken.
We therefore need to make the past serve not only the present but the future as well.

First example: Think for the moment, if an elected British prime minister claims that Egypt is our colony and we have to regain it now. We have all weapons available and cross the Mediterranean Sea, capture Cairo, arrest Hossni Mubarek, take over the palace and re-instate the British constitution. It is our natural right because we have gotten a document that was put in place some 200 years ago from the British government that indeed Egypt was our colony.

What will you say? I assure you no human being having a normal thinking mind will concur with that and all people of the world ( including the British ) will be against it and will be with you if you oppose and say no you can not do that. If you say, no that was a wrong and in fact it was an invaders’ document in which no body has to be abided by now in this 21st century.

Second Example: Assume also the following:

The British put an oil pipe line from Egypt and Sudan to Kenya to get oil, but they do not have to be troubled by the Egyptians and Sudanese interruption. They prepared a binding document to protect this and signed between the British rulers and the Kenyans only.

The document says this:

Egypt and Sudan should not interrupt the flow of gas from their oil fields to Kenya through the pipe lines that are put in place across the desert. The British Government and Kenya will take any necessary measure to keep the flow un interrupted. If Egypt and Sudan need to use oil for large consumptions, first they have to consult the British and the Kenyans and get permission from them.

This document is a binding document for Egypt, Sudan, Kenya and Great Britain, but it is signed only by the two groups, British and Kenya not by Egypt and Sudan.

Just I will ask you this:

Not only now, but, is it not so nonsense and irrational such an agreement was signed then in the first place?
But above all, if Kenyans want to re-enforce this agreement for all time including now, will you accept it and buy (your country’s oil) from Kenya, because Kenya presents to you a document signed by it and British some hundred years back? I do not have to answer for you ?

I am sure, you will be flabbergasted and will say more than what I have said above regarding your irrational and illegal request of validity to an irrational and illegal right of ownership on some bodies natural wealth and property for all time.

In this time of our existence as a civilized society, you can not force people to believe and act on facts which were based on the false and irrational belief that the earth was flat. It is known that the earth is not flat and all the facts based on that were not only different, but wrong and no body uses them any more.

I will therefore leave you with a proposal that demands your capacity as a modern society that is part and parcel of the scientific world: Invest in mathematics, science and technology and develop scientific mechanisms which enable you to use a huge amount of water that exist across the Mediterranean boundary of your country.


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